Ancel AD410: OBD2 Engine Code Reader Review

ANCEL AD410 review
ANCEL AD410 Enhanced Automotive OBD2 Scanner
4.34.3 / 5
The ANCEL AD410 is an OBD II device for drivers who want to save time and money. This renders the OBD II tool an effective one.

Prior to 1996, the only way to diagnose your car was by taking it to the mechanic. There was no standardized way to properly assess the state of the vehicle. This made diagnostics quite expensive.

However, all vehicles manufactured after the year 1996 are OBD II models. An example is the ANCEL AD410 enhanced automotive scanner.

Ancel AD410 Overview

OBD II systems are the medium through which the ECU of the computer can perform self-diagnosis. It can then report back to the driver of any errors that the car could be undergoing. Some systems are more advanced than others.

The ANCEL AD410 advanced scanner is a device with a wide range of capabilities. It can scan all OBDII cars. These are car models from the year 1996 and beyond.

It has a wide range of capability. Moreover, regular free software updates function to always keep the user up to date.

Ancel AD410 Detailed Review


The device is compatible with all of the OBD II protocols. Thus, it can scan a large variety of cars. This is the feature that makes it compatible with almost all OBDII vehicle models.

ANCEL AD410 is a multi-language device as it has German, Finnish, Spanish, French Portuguese and Russian. This makes it a universal device of wide application.

To view and update the ANCEL AD410, you plug it into your computer via a USB cable. Therefore, the device is compatible with Windows as well as Mac OS.

ANCEL AD410 does not require to be charged beforehand. It gets charged when you plug it into the Data Link Connector.

Ancel AD410 Software

AD410 code reader is a great upgrade from the more basic diagnostic scan tool
The software of AD410 is easy to download from the ANCEL website.

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The software is designed by ANCEL. This design is compatible with several cars. Moreover, the software gets several regular updates. This functions to give bug fixes and keep the user up to date with the latest technology.

The software is easy to download from the ANCEL website. Installation is quite easy and it gives you a step by step guide.


The screen is a large improvement on normal OCD II displays. It is a 2.4” TFT LCD display with a 262K true color LCD display. This, therefore, gives you readings and statistics more clearly.

The application gives you all the information you require on your car. However, the appearance of the app is a little bland. It is not colorful or particularly interesting.


The device has the following features.

With Ancel AD410, It can scan and clear the engine check light rapidly
ANCEL AD410 also offers I/M readiness is to test Misfire / Fuel system / Comprehensive component.
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The main function of the device is to perform a vehicle check and report any issues. It can scan and clear the engine check light rapidly. However, the light cannot be cleared unless the issue has been addressed.

So, in addition to reading codes, the device informs the driver of the issues plaguing the vehicle. It gives this information in a precise manner that is easy to understand.

By so doing, it saves you time and money that would have been otherwise spent manually assessing the vehicle.

After making the diagnostic report, the AD410 ANCEL gives you the option of saving this information. You can do this by clicking on “Review and Print”. The information will, thereafter, be saved and printed if required.

Extensive scan

The device has wide capabilities. It can scan a wide variety of vehicles with the OBD II function enabled. This makes it versatile and widely usable.

Moreover, the device can also scan for a wide variety of errors and clear them. Such errors include emission levels, ABS and even SRS. The device can also detect a leaky tank by testing the integrity system of the fuel tank.

All of its design is to save you expenses for unnecessary repairs. The scan will also help you determine the exact reason for warning lights thus helping you remedy the issue. You can fix the smaller issues, therefore, saving you trips to the mechanic.

QVGA Display

The AD410 comes with a 2.4” screen with a well-developed LCD screen. ANCEL AD410’s screen is more advanced than most OBD II systems. It gives you the benefits of diagnosis results on a crystal clear display.

Ancel AD410 update

ANCEL AD410 comes with free updates. These updates have bug fixes as well as the latest technology. They ensure that your device is always functioning at optimal capacity.

To update the device, simply plug it into your computer and download the update. The device stays off during the process until the update is complete.


The AD410 ANCEL design  serves these following services

  •  Vehicle diagnosis and report
  • Scanning and clearing error codes

Vehicle diagnosis and report

ANCEL AD410 can perform a rather comprehensive vehicle diagnosis. This scan includes such things as the fuel tank. The diagnosis helps you be aware of the problem even before you take your car to the mechanic.

If the issue is a small one, you can easily look it up and then clear the warning light. The device diagnoses the vehicle by working with the ECU of the car.

To enable it to perform these functions, the ANCEL AD410 is equipped with an STM 32-bit CPU. This gives it speed as well as accuracy.

Scanning and clearing codes

The device scans for potential error codes. It informs the driver of the nature of these errors. Once the issue has been dealt with, the device easily eliminates these codes. This, effectively, makes the car run smoother.

ANCEL AD410 is one of the best OBDII diagnostics that supports a lot of powerful functions.
The main function of Ancel AD410 is to read and erase error codes, reset monitor and also save you the trip to your mechanic.

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  • It can read a wide variety of error codes
  • The device has a powerful CPU to give it speed
  • It saves you time in unnecessary trips to the mechanics
  • ANCEL AD41 saves you money you would have otherwise spent getting your car diagnosed


  • It does not have a mobile app making remote car monitoring impossible
  • The codes are sometimes very vague hence hard to understand

ANCEL AD410 vs. ANCEL AD310 vs. Innova 3150f Comparison Chart

Check Price
Check Price
Innova 3150f
Innova 3150f
Check Price
Customer Rating
4.34.3 / 5
4.54.5 / 5
4.24.2 / 5
Priceancel ad410 priceancel ad310 priceinnova 3150f price
Weight11.2 ounces12.3 ounces1.35 pounds
Check SRS and ABSN/AN/AYes
Turn off the MILYesYesN/A
DTC LookupYesYesN/A
Oil Light ResetN/AN/AYes
Internet UpdatesYesN/AYes
Bottom LineAncel AD410 is a great choice for drivers who want to save time and money.ANCEL AD310 is a device for a hands-on driverIt is highly recommended for DIY consumers and professional users

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The Bottom Line

The ANCEL AD410 is an OBD II device for drivers who want to save time and money. It has been reported by several people to perform its functions quite well. This renders the OBD II tool an effective one.
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