Ancel AD510: Full OBD2 Service Car Scanner Review

The ANCEL AD510 scan tool is one of the most comprehensive OBD II scanning tools available.

It comes with several features that make it effective as well as durable.

ANCEL AD510 Automotive OBD2 Code Reader
55 / 5
Ancel AD510 is a device for both car owners and mechanics. It can assess both the engine system and the battery thus helping you fix any errors and clear the warning lights.

ANCEL AD510 Overview

The tool can analyze a large variety of codes. ANCEL AD510 also scans several key systems of the vehicle.

It is a clear upgrade from the ordinary OBD II scanning tool.

ANCEL AD510 Detailed Review


The ANCEL AD510 supports the full OBD II protocols. It works only in vehicles with a 12V battery.

The AD510 is compatible with a lot of cars produced after the year 1996 both domestic and imported.

However, it does not function in trucks with a 24V battery.

Ancel AD510 is a full OBD2 diagnostic scan tool that is compatible with a lot of cars produced after the year 1996
The ANCEL AD510 supports the full OBD II protocols.
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It connects to the dashboard via a wire. You simply connect this wire to the OBD II data link connector in your car.

This connector is mostly under the dashboard or under the handbrake.

The device also comes with several languages coded within. Besides English the other languages encoded are:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Russian


ANCEL AD510 uses a clear 2” display. The display shows the user all the information required in plain view. It makes use of two main colors, white and orange.

These colors merge and form a convenient but colorful display thus rendering it both fully functional and colorful.

However, the display is rather small as compared to other OBD II diagnostic tools in the market.


ANCEL AD510 makes use of software designed by Ancel. The software is easy to code as well as navigate. All the necessary information is presented in a coherent manner by the software.

You get a lifetime of software upgrades when you purchase the device. The upgrades make sure you stay up to date with the latest software patches and bug fixes.

To upgrade your device, you connect it to your computer via a USB cable. Then, you download the software from the ANCEL website.

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The AD510 scanner is a great upgrade from the more basic diagnostic scan tool.
This unit also built-in DTC lookup library that is used to search for code definition stored in the code library.
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The ANCEL AD510 has the following features:

  • DTC lookup library

ANCEL AD510 comes with an inbuilt DTC lookup library. The icon for the same is on the home screen giving you easy access.

The codes are then defined by the device helping you understand the meaning of each

  • Battery diagnosis

Unlike most OBD II scanners, the ANCEL AD 510 comes with a shockproof case. This allows it to check the battery for any error codes.

Such information allows the driver to determine what time the battery should be charged.

Also, it helps determine the cause of a battery check warning light, therefore, helping you or your mechanic to deal with the issue.

  • Emissions check

The ANCEL AD 510 comes with an IM hotkey. This key helps you to check your vehicle’s emissions on the go. It gives you instant access to the readiness status of the emissions system.

The hotkey also helps the car run smoother while producing as few emissions as possible. You can use this device to help you avoid fines that result from excessive emissions.

  • MIL

This function alerts you as to the status of your error codes. The green light means you have no error codes whether pending or permanent.

A yellow light indicates the presence of a pending error code and a red light indicates a permanent error code.

The pending error codes can be cleared easily. A permanent error code, however, is indicative of a serious problem and your car needs to go to the mechanic.


ANCEL AD510 was designed to serve the following major functions:

  • Ensuring your car is running as smoothly as possible
  • Scanning and clearing error codes
  • Ensuring your car is running smooth
  • Telling you whether the Oxygen sensor is working correctly
Ancel AD510 full OBD2 scanner that displays Freeze Frame data.
Ancel AD510 supports full OBD2 service modes for diagnostic requests.
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  • The ANCEL AD510 saves you money on unexpected repairs
  • It can scan for battery error
  • The scanner is housed in a hardy case that is shockproof. The case can withstand a fall from 5 feet high.
  • Saves you money on emissions fines
  • Can read a wide variety of error codes


  • It cannot scan SRS or ARS systems.
  • The device does not work on trucks with a 24V battery.

ANCEL AD510 vs. AD410 vs. AD310 Comparison Chart

Ancel AD310
Ancel AD310
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Ancel AD410
Ancel AD410
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Ancel AD510
Ancel AD510
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Customer Rating
4.54.5 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
55 / 5
Priceancel ad310 priceancel ad410 priceancel ad310 price
Weight12.3 ounces11.2 ounces1.5 pounds
Reads & Clears CodesYesYesYes
DTC LookupN/AYesYes
MIL Warning LightsN/AN/AYes
I/M Hot KeyN/AYesYes
Battery CheckN/AN/AYes
Bottom LineIt is a great choice for beginners and ordinary car ownersIt is an OBD II scanner for beginners and ordinary car ownersIt is highly recommeded for both car owners and mechanics

Bottom Line

ANCEL AD510 is a device for both car owners and mechanics.

It can assess both the engine system and the battery thus helping you fix any errors and clear the warning lights.