ANCEL JP700: Automotive JOBD OBD2 Scan Tool Review

ANCEL JP700 is a basic code reader that can effectively clear the Check Engine Light in most models.

ancel jp700 review
ANCEL JP700 Automotive JOBD Code Reader (Japanese Vehicles) Car OBD2 Scanner
55 / 5
Even beginners are very easy to DIY and find or solve problems, it can be used unlimitedly, save a lot of time and money.

Not only will this code reader clear the Check Engine Light, but also retrieve I/M readiness status.

The JP700 Ancel can help you to know if your car is ready for smog test or not.

For more information on ANCEL JP700 read this review based on firsthand experience that features the strength and weaknesses.

ANCEL JP700 Detailed Review

Features and Functionalities

1. Clear Check Engine Light


There are many issues that can cause the Check Engine Light to come on.

The good news is that each fault has its own specific Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) generated and stored in an onboard computer.

Ancel JP700 is an OBD2 scan tool that reads the engine fault codes quickly and accurately
The main function of Ancel JP700 is to read and erase the engine error codes, turn off the CEL.
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When you connect ANCEL JP700 code reader it will retrieve the stored code.

Better yet, this JP700 will define the retrieved code as it has DTCs definition feature.

You will be able to tell the nature of the fault and evaluate if it’s a problem that you can fix or need advance help.

Being able to retrieve DTCs before taking your car to a mechanic comes with one advantage.

You will be able to estimate the cost of repair and avoid losing money to overpriced repairs.

Once the existing problem has been fixed, you can use ANCEL JP700 to clear the Check Engine Light.


ANCEL JP700 only retrieves diagnostic codes for basic functions.

If the generated code is for advanced functions this JP700 fails to retrieve the code.

2. Perform battery tests


There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck miles away from home due to a defective battery.

Luckily, ANCEL JP700 will put you one step ahead as it indicates the status of your battery every time you perform a battery test.

The scanner is able to retrieve codes for low battery level or codes for a defective battery.

If you find that your car battery is low you can have the battery charged to the required level.

Ancel JP700 automotive scan tool is able to work on all of the 1996 or newer cars
The scanner is able to retrieve codes for low battery level or codes for a defective battery.
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On the other hand, if you find that the battery is defective then you can replace the JP700 with a new one.

Other than causing the lights to come on, a defective battery can cause a lot of inconveniences.

The JP700 Ancel can trigger a fire or even trigger the airbag to be deployed even when there is no crash.

However, you can avoid all these problems by checking the status of your car battery using ANCEL JP700 code reader.


This code reader fails to retrieve the DTC for battery test on large trucks.

Besides, it does not work on vehicles that use 24-volt batteries.

3. I/M readiness status


ANCEL JP700 can help you save money and time as it indicates when your vehicle is ready for the smog test.

This is because if you take your car for a smog test and fail, it means that you have to go back to the mechanic shop.

You will incur additional cost as your vehicle will need to be checked before making the second trip for the smog test.

However, ANCEL JP700 is designed to effective indicate I/M readiness test of your vehicle.

The code reader will point out the DTCs that need to be cleared in order to pass the smog test.

Simply put, ANCEL JP700 code reader adequately prepares your vehicle to pass the annual smog test.


You will not be able to retrieve I/M readiness status on heavy vehicles.

Besides, it takes several minutes to retrieve codes for I/M readiness status.


ANCEL JP700 is compatible with most 2000 vehicles and the latest Japanese models.

It is also compatible with OBDII/EOBD U.S and E.U models manufactured after 1996.

You will notice that it also support JOBD protocol covering vehicles such as TOYOTA, HONDA, MITSUBISHI, DAIHATSU, NISSAN, MAZDA, SUBARU, and SUZUKI.

With ANCEL JP700, you will accurately clear the Check Engine Light
ANCEL JP700 can help you save money and time as it indicates when your vehicle is ready for the smog test.

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    • You will accurately clear the Check Engine Light
    • Help you determine the I/M readiness status of your car
    • Help you determine the condition of your car battery
    • You will not have to charge its battery as it is a plug and play device.
    • Comes with a three-year warranty
    • You can update the device anytime to the latest software
  • Clear generic and manufacturer’s code


    • You will notice it doesn’t work on cars with 24-volt batteries
    • It performs only very few basic functions.
    • The code reader does not support live graphing.
    • Takes long to retrieve diagnostic codes
    • It is difficult or completely fails to update the software
  • Does not work on heavy trucks.

VD500 vs. JP700 vs. AD410 Comparison Chart

Ancel JP700
Ancel JP700
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Ancel VD500
Ancel VD500
Check Price
Ancel AD410
Ancel AD410
Check Price
Customer Rating
4.74.7 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
Priceancel jp700 priceancel vd500 priceancel ad410 price
Weight13.6 ounces12 ounces11.2 ounces
Dimensions9.1 x 6.6 x 1.7 inches9.2 x 6.4 x 2.5 inches10 x 7 x 3 inches
Clear CELYesYesYes
Oil ResetN/AYesN/A
I/M readiness statusYesYesYes
Battery testYesYesN/A
Bottom LineIt is a great choice for average car owners.It is built for DIY and mechanic.ANCEL AD410 is suitable for drivers who want to save time and money.

Who Should Buy It?

ANCEL JP700 code reader is built for average car owners.

It is fundamentally designed to handle basic diagnostic functions.

The code reader will help you clear the check engine light and determine your emission status.

Besides, it is really easy to use.

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The Bottom Line

ANCEL JP700 allows you to clear the check engine light affordably.

The code reader will save you the trouble of making numerous trips to a repair shop just to perform basic diagnostic functions.

You will also establish your I/M readiness status of your car using this code reader.

However, it only supports basic diagnostic functions.

As a result, it is a code reader can be used with other diagnostic tools when you want to perform more advanced diagnostic functions.

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