Autel AL519 OBD2 Scan Tool with Mode 6 Review

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Autel AL519 review
Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool
4.44.4 / 5
The Autel Al519 has several features that enable it to perform many functions. It is small and compact which makes it easily portable. Autel Al519 is also easy to connect to your vehicle making it convenient.

AUTEL AL519 Overview

OBD II scanning tools were invented in the year 1996. Prior to this, performing vehicle diagnosis and analysis was quite difficult as whole systems had to be taken apart. However, all this changed after 1996.

OBD II systems function as a connecting link between the car owner and their vehicle. They enabled the vehicle’s ECU to perform a comprehensive self-diagnosis and report the issue in the form of error codes.

Autel Al519 is one such OBD II scanning tool. The device was specifically designed to read and interpret the causes of an Engine Warning light (MIL).

The Autel Al519 has several features that enable it to perform these functions. It is small and compact which makes it easily portable. Autel Al519 is also easy to connect to your vehicle making it convenient.

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AUTEL AL519 Detailed Review


Autel 519 is compatible with all of the 10 OBD II test modes. This, therefore, makes it convenient to perform a complete vehicle diagnosis. It also makes it compatible with several vehicles models both domestic and foreign.

The Autel Al519 is connected to a vehicle through wires. These wires connect to the OBD II data link connector normally found on the dashboard or under the handbrake.

Autel Al519 works on both OBD II vehicles as well as CAN vehicles.

Autel AL519’s Display

 The display of Autel AL519 OBD ll Scan Tool makes the use of bold and bright colors
The Al519 Autel makes use of a TFT color screen.

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The Al519 Autel makes use of a TFT color screen. This screen is of sufficient resolution to enable the user to see the icons and codes clearly.

The display makes the use of bold and bright colors to make the display slightly more appealing.

The display has all of the important information shown accurately on the screen. Therefore, you get the icons for the engine diagnosis, the emissions readiness test, and DTC on the home screen. Operating these functions is via the click of a button.

Although the Autel Al519 display is fully functional, it is rather small. A 2” screen could be hard to see with older eyes.


The software on the Autel Al519 is made by Autel. It retrieves various types of codes both manufacturer specific and generic codes.

Autel Al519 software provides you with a large variety of diagnostic tools. These tools make the scan as accurately as possible.

Every purchase of the Autel Al519 grants you a lifetime of software upgrades. To upgrade your software, connect your device to your computer via a USB cable. Then, you download the software on your PC from the website and install it on the device.

Updates enable the Autel Al519 to diagnose more recent vehicle models. The updates also make sure your device stays up to date with the latest tools and bug fixes.


Autel Al519 has the following features

One-Click I/M Readiness key

Autel AL519 is an OBD2 scanner that comes with a patented I/M readiness key
Autel AL519 also displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions).

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The device comes with a patented I/M readiness key. This key appears as a grey button with the initials I/M. The sole purpose of this key is to perform a rapid emissions test on the vehicle.

This will help you avoid fines as a result of excessive emissions from your vehicle. It can also reduce the number of emissions coming from your vehicle to help you avoid fines.

Autel Al519 also displays live data from the Oxygen sensor.

DTC Lookup library

DTC is the abbreviation for Data Trouble Code Lookup Library. Specifically, this is a large database containing thousands of trouble codes and their meanings. The library was constructed by professional mechanics.

Autel Al519 DTC lookup library gives correct decryptions of error codes helping the user assess their vehicle correctly. A correct vehicle diagnosis will result in a correct repair job.


The Autel Al519 was designed to perform the following functions:

  • Perform comprehensive vehicle diagnosis
  • Clear error codes and warning lights

Perform vehicle diagnosis

Autel 519 has several features that enable it to perform accurate vehicle diagnosis. One is a good processor. The Autel Al519 inbuilt processor is capable of performing a complete vehicle diagnosis in a short time.

The device is also compatible with all of the 10 OBD II test modes. This gives the user a complete vehicle diagnosis.

Additionally, the Al519 Autel comes with thousands of tips for troubleshooting. These tips help car owners and technicians to save time in making a diagnosis. A faster vehicle diagnosis results in a shorter repair period.

Therefore, the Al519 saves you time and money on vehicle repairs.

Scanning and clearing error codes and warning lights

As aforementioned, the Autel Al519 contains a DTC lookup library. After performing a complete vehicle diagnosis, the potential problems are presented as error codes. To get the meaning of each error code, you simply look it up in the DTC lookup library.

After determining the error code, you can then fix it if it is an issue that requires fixing. If the issue is smaller, you can simply clear the code using the device. This will make your car run smoother.

The device also comes with a MIL interface. This is a set of three lights on the device that inform you of the status of your error codes.

The green light indicates that there are no error codes. A yellow light indicates pending error codes whereas a red light indicates a permanent error code. A pending error code is easy to clear using the device while a permanent error code is indicative of a larger problem.

If your scanner shows a red light, it means you should take your vehicle to the mechanic. When you clear the error codes, you can then switch off the engine check warning light using your device.

Autel AL519 was specifically designed for engine check light diagnosis
The Autel Al519 contains a DTC lookup library.

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  • It can accurately scan and clear several error codes
  • The device saves you money on unexpected repairs
  • It helps you avoid fines from failed emissions test
  • The device accurately scans a wide variety of vehicle
  • It has a comprehensive diagnostic scan as it is compatible with all 10 OBD II test modes


  • Its functions are limited as it cannot scan SRS or ABS systems
  • The display is rather small

Autel AL519 vs. Ancel AD510 vs. Autel AL619 Comparison Chart

Autel AL519
Autel AL519
Check Price
Check Price
Autel AL619
Autel AL619
Check Price
Customer Rating
4.34.3 / 5
55 / 5
4.14.1 / 5
PriceAutel AL519 priceAncel AD510 priceAutel AL619 price
Weight2 pounds1.5 pounds1.95 pounds
Dimensions7.8 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches1.5 pounds70.9 x 31.5 x 102.4 inches
DTC LookupYesYesYes
I/M Readiness CheckYesYesYes
Live DataYesN/AYes
Bottom LineThis device is useful for average car owners.It is highly recommeded for both car owners and mechanicsIt is an ideal scanner bulit for beginners.

The Bottom Line

Autel AL519 was specifically designed for engine check light diagnosis. Therefore, the next time your MIL comes on, consider purchasing this device. The scans and readings are accurate.
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