Autel MD802: Professional OBD2 Scanner for ABS Airbag Transmission EPB Review

The more advanced and comprehensive a scanner is the more expensive it is, right? Well, Autel MD802 Scanner seems to defy the trend.

autel scanner md802
Autel Scanner MD802 Maxidiag Elite Full System Diagnoses for ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission ,EPB, Oil Reset
3.93.9 / 5
The Autel Scanner MD802 is an all-in-one scanner as it performs both basic and advanced functions only reserved for high ended scanners.

Even with its ability to diagnose EPB, Transmission, Engine, SRS, and Oil reset, the MD802 doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get one.

And there is one more striking feature of Autel Scanner MD802. It has a comprehensive step-by-step on-screen guide on how to scan a vehicle.

However, all scanners have their strength and weakness. To see how competent Autel Scanner MD802 is, take a look at its strength and weakness.

Autel MD802 Detailed Review

Features and Functionality

1. Full system diagnosis


The Autel MD802 Maxidiag Elite is an all-in-one scanner as it performs both basic and advanced functions only reserved for high ended scanners.

Autel MD802 OBD2 scanner performs both basic and advanced functions
Autel MD802 supports all system and free update lifetime.

This Autel Maxidiag Elite scanner excels in diagnosing EPB, Transmission, Engine, SRS, and Oil reset.

Besides, the MD802 Autel covers all the electronic systems of your car.

It includes the power train, chassis, as well as on-board communication system.

Better yet, it demonstrates its all-rounded functionality by being able to scan all U.S, Asian, and European cars.


Updating the software is a tedious process as it involves activating a number of functions including the full system diagnosis.

2. Perform all the 10 latest OBD2 functions


If you need to read codes or retrieve your car I/M readiness status, all you need is Autel Maxidiag Elite.

Equally, you can look up your VIN, modules presents, or even do oil reset on your vehicle.

The interesting part is that you can retrieve freeze frame or live data for better analysis and diagnosis.

Other OBD2 diagnostic functions that you can perform with MD802 include component tests and on-board monitor test.

All these 10 OBD2 functions can be performed using Autel Scanner MD802 incredibly fast.

MD802 is an professional obd2 scan tool that supports full OBD2 functions.
Autel MD802 offers a variety of functions such as live data, read and erase codes, freeze frame.


The false one-year active Autel MD802 Maxidiag Elite period can be confusing when registering the software.

However, the machine will automatically switch to lifetime update mode after one year.

3. Read all the control modules


Ever tried to open your car door only find that it’s jammed?

Well, if you have Autel Scanner MD802 you can go ahead and diagnose the root cause of the problem.

This is because the scanner can diagnose multiple control modules with door lock being one of the modules.

Some other control modules that you can diagnose with this scanner include HAVC, park assist module, headlamp controller, and electronic ignition switch among others.

In fact, Autel Scanner MD802 controls dozens of control modules.


Does not support Airbag and seat memory modules on some models such as Saab.


Autel Scanner MD802 covers most of the Asian, European, and U.S models that were manufactured after 1996.

Some of the popular brands covered by Autel Scanner MD802 include BMW, Suzuki, Subaru, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota among others.

It supports all the five protocols as well as 10 OBD2 test modes.

This Autel scanner is also compatible with windows software and you can connect to your PC whenever you want to update the software.

Whenever you want to perform advanced diagnosis on your car then Autel Scanner MD802 is the most appropriate scanner for you.
Autel MD802 scanner has a slim design and comes packed with amazing features.


    • It can effectively perform the 10 OBD2 test modes such as I/M readiness test and O2 sensor test.
    • It has a comprehensive code tips guide that will help you pinpoint a problem easier.
    • When compared to other full function scanners it incredibly cheap.
    • Autel Scanner MD802 supports live data, freeze data, and live graphing for better diagnosis and analysis.
    • It can turn off the Check Engine Lights, perform oil reset, and diagnose ABS, and SRS.
  • Supports a colored screen that will allow the codes to be read with a lot of ease.


  • It takes a long time to download and install the Autel Scanner MD802 software.
  • Autel Scanner MD802 at times fails to perform advanced functions on some models such as Saab.

Autel MD802 vs. Autel MS309 vs. Innova 3040e Comparison Chart

Autel MD802
Autel MD802
Launch Creader 6001
Launch Creader 6001
Launch Creader 6011
Launch Creader 6011
Customer Rating
44 / 5
4.44.4 / 5
3.23.2 / 5
Priceautel md802 priceLaunch Creader 6001 priceLaunch Creader 6011 price
Weight3.35 pounds1.1 pounds1.9 pounds
Dimensions14.6 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches11.7 x 11.7 x 1.7 inches3.4 x 7.6 x 1.2 inches
O2 sensor test.YesYesYes
Live graphing, live dataYesYesYes
Support Full system diagnosisYesYesYes
Bottom LineIt is suitable for professional tech and DIY user.It is ideal for DIYers.It is excellent for mechanic and professional tech

Who Should Buy It?

Whenever you want to perform advanced diagnosis on your car then Autel Scanner MD802 is the most appropriate scanner for you.

It is primarily built for professional tech.

However, it can be used by DIYers as it has an effective on-screen troubleshooting guide.

The Bottom Line

Being able to perform both basic and advanced diagnosis is what every professional tech is striving for. However, not all scanners can perform advanced functions.

But Autel Scanner MD802 is a full system diagnosis scanner that can comfortably perform many functions.

The most notable advanced functions include diagnosing EPB, Transmission, Engine, SRS, and Oil reset.

As a result, it is a diagnostic scanner that can be recommended to any professional tech.

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