Best Multimeter: The 10 Choices on the Market Review 2018

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In this article, you will find the best multimeter reviews of 2018.

The Multimeter market is one that is flooded with options. For this reason, it is not very easy to find the ideal troubleshooting tool for your needs while sticking to your budget. After all, sifting through hundreds of marginally different multimeters isn’t the most thrilling thing you can do with your time.

Not only is this task as tedious as it sounds, but it will also take you a significant amount of time to finally find your Multimeter of choice. It can get frustrating pretty quickly, especially if you’re not sure what some features mean and how they can be of use to you. It is an incredibly steep task.

The bad news is that it is an incredibly steep task and there is no guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for, or even that it will be within your budget. The good news is we’ve done the work for you!

We have listed down the list of places to look for Multimeters to just one, and you are in the right place. Here, you will find in-depth reviews of ten of the most popular multimeters on the market this year, and why they could be just what you’re looking for.

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I’ve researched and picked out the best for you right here:

Best Multimeter Comparison Table:


INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter
AutoNoNo4.3 stars
AstroAI Digital MultimeterManual and AutoNoNo4.5 stars
Fluke 101 Basic Pocket MultimeterAutoNoNo4.4 stars

Extech EX330 Auto-Ranging Mini-MultimeterAutoNoNo4.2 stars

Fluke-116/323 HVAC Multimeter Combo KitManualNoYes4.4 stars
Fieldpiece Compact Clamp SC260 Multimeter with the True RMSAutoYesNo4.3 stars
Fluke 87V/E2 Industrial Electrician Combo KitManual and AutoNoNo

4.7 stars

Fluke 179/EDA2 6-Piece Industrial Electronics Multimeter Combo KitManualNo


4.7 stars

Fluke 289/FVF FlukeView Forms Combo KitManualNoNo4.3 stars
Fluke FLK-3000 FC IND Wireless Industrial System MultimeterManualYesYes3.6 stars

1. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Best Multimeter

The INNOVA 3320 is an entry-level multimeter that is surprisingly useful despite being extremely easy to use. It is the perfect tool for beginners and non-technicians who prefer something they can gradually master the use of it.

There are a lot of reasons why it is the most user-friendly multimeter in our list. Some like the color-coded LEDs that make it easier to test different battery functions. For others, its interface is simply more readable and easier to understand.

Safety is guaranteed with this tool, which is only capable of reading inputs of up to 10 MegOhms. For general electrical troubleshooting around the house or under the hood of your car, this is sufficient. This also makes it the ideal tool for home use by making it safer to operate.

The auto-ranging feature makes it even more usable by eliminating the need to manually input a specific voltage range when troubleshooting. For beginners, this saves you quite a hassle. For trained technicians, this allows you to seamlessly test different functions without readjusting the range.

If you’re prone to dropping things, the INNOVA 3320 is the right choice for you. Its ruggedized build incorporates a built-in stand and wrist straps that allow you to attach it to your forearm for hands-free testing. If all else fails though, you’ll be happy to know that it has rubber guards to protect it from drops.


  • Easy to use
  • Has auto-ranging capabilities
  • Budget-friendly


  • Auto-ranging feature is slower since this is a low-end model

Who is it for?

Hobbyists, students, and maintenance men will find that this is the perfect tool for low-voltage troubleshooting. It is also highly recommended for beginners because it presents a much gentler learning curve.

2. AstroAI Digital Best Multimeter

A slightly more advanced option is the AstroAI Digital Multimeter. It is fairly easy to use and quite safe to operate, but it offers a considerably more advanced and more comprehensive array of functions (tests). On the score of build quality, it doesn’t perform too badly either.

With enough features to make it useful even in commercial applications, this is a very well-balanced option. It is ergonomically built and light enough to be carried around in a pocket or bag. However, ultra portability is not its only feature.

As mentioned before, it can conduct a wide range of tests, including resistance, capacitance, and continuity, to mention a few. Its backlit LCD display makes everything easy to read even in low-light conditions. Meanwhile, a hanging magnet and kickstand allow you to keep your hands free while running tests.

A particularly useful feature is the data hold button. When pressed and held, this button freezes the data that is on display, giving you all the time you need to read and/or record it. The overall build quality is decent enough to
give it some resilience.


  •  Offers a wide range of functions
  • Easy to use


  • Does not come with a user manual

Who is it for?

Electrical hobbyists and technicians will find that this multimeter is more suited for commercial applications. The range of tests it offers is decent enough to make it a trusty handyman’s tool without making it too hard for beginner electricians to master.

3. Fluke 101 Basic Pocket Best Multimeter

Don’t let its size fool you; it is a full-featured industrial-grade multimeter. The Fluke 101 can be useful for both residential and commercial applications. It is still very hard not to marvel at the small and lightweight yet tough and rugged build of the Fluke 101 multimeter.

The Fluke 101 is somehow small enough to fit comfortably in your palm, but not so small such that even the display size is compromised. It features a rugged build that appears to be capable of withstanding a significant amount of shock if it suffers an accidental blow.

Don’t be too worried about dropping it, though—the Fluke 101 comes with a magnetic SmartStrap that keeps it around your wrist at all times. This handy strap is also what allows you to turn it into a hands-free device so that you can perform other tasks.

The multimeter also comes with a data hold button, which is handy if you’re recording the results on display. Speaking of which, you won’t be too disappointed with its LCD screen either. The multimeter automatically goes into power saving mode after about 15 minutes of idleness.


  • Supports one-handed use
  • Offers a wide range of tests


  • LCD display is not backlit

Who is it for?

Despite falling into the category of “basic” multimeters, the Fluke 101 is a powerful tool, even for electrical professionals. Its pocket-sized dimensions and a wide range of functions make it an infinitely useful device for the average electrical technician.

4. Extech EX330 Auto-Ranging Best Mini-Multimeter

The Extech EX330 is a powerfully-built mini-multimeter with an impressive range of functions. Other than its delightfully sturdy rubber exterior, some of its outstanding features include its ability to detect voltage from proximity alone.

The Extech EX330 is an NCV (non-contact voltage) detector. This means that one can use it to detect voltage without physically connecting it to the source. Not only does this make it safer to use, but it also makes it easier to detect voltage in hard-to-reach spaces.

Like most multimeters today, the Extech EX330 also has a data hold button that freezes the data being displayed and is capable of automatically detecting the voltage range. A unique addition is its max hold button, which will display the highest value obtained until a higher value is reached.

Its tilt stand gives you the freedom to work with your hands even while carrying out tests. The Extech EX330 also has an auto shut-down feature that activates after 15 minutes of idleness to save power. This allows you to get much less downtime and more use out of a single charge.


  • Clear display
  • Wide range of functions


  • Probes are short and stubby

Who is it for?

The EX330 can handle any low voltage testing applications. Its interface is not complex, but it still requires a bit of a learning curve. Therefore, non-technicians can use it with relative ease, but with the help of the manual.

5. Fluke-116/323 HVAC Best Multimeter Combo Kit

This multimeter kit is tailored to suit the needs of HVAC technicians on the job. The Fluke-116/323 combo kit is comprised of a digital multimeter and an additional clamp meter. Both are full-featured professional-class devices.

The multimeter features an ergonomic build that encourages single-hand use. In addition to measuring resistance, continuity, capacitance, and frequency, it can also record temperature values using an onboard temperature probe.

An interesting feature of this multimeter is Fluke Connect, a wireless transmission that supports data sharing across devices. This allows you to send data straight to your smartphone or tablet for logging or graphing. The Fluke-116/323 also comes with an LED backlight which can be very handy when investigating faulty electrical components.


  • Supports one-handed use
  • Transmits data wirelessly


  •  Costly

Who is it for?

Other than HVAC technicians, this is a tool that many people will find useful around the house. It excels in low voltage tasks and is quite easy to learn how to use. It is also built to last and can survive a few accidental drops while on the job.

6. Fieldpiece SC260 Compact Clamp Multimeter with True RMS

This is a tool that excels at taking HVACR-related measurements. A quick glance at it is enough to tell you that it is a professional-grade tool that can carry out a variety of tests with impeccable accuracy. Many of its features are aimed at optimizing its ability to run tests with accuracy. One such feature is True RMS, which tests variable frequency drives with considerably more accuracy than multimeters without this feature. Its high-temperature resistance also allows it to test areas of extreme temperature differences rapidly and accurately.

The Fieldpiece SC260 also surpasses its competition when it comes to the quality of its backlit display. A sturdy swivel magnet at the bottom of it gives you the freedom to carry out tests in hands-free mode. The swivel can be angled for more visibility, which is a nice bit of flexibility to have while working.


  • High-temperature resistance
  • Clear backlit display
  • Hands-free operation


  • The same switch is used to switch between measuring OHM, capacitance, and resistance

Who is it for?

The Fieldpiece SC260 is generally usable in a wide range of applications. However, it comes with a specific set of features that make it an invaluable tool for HVACR technicians and other electrical professionals. Nevertheless, the Fieldpiece SC260 is still useful for a wide range of non-HVACR-related applications.

7. Fluke 87V/E2 Industrial Electrician Best Multimeter Combo Kit

This is a full-fledged industrial-class electrician’s toolkit that offers great value for money and incredible functionality. The Fluke 87V/E2 combo kit contains a digital multimeter, alligator leads, test probes, heavy-duty test leads, a strap and a soft carry case.

In addition to being 15 percent more affordable, the Fluke 87V/E2 combo kit allows electricians to test out high voltage circuits in a safer and more comprehensive way. Its inbuilt thermometer is just one of the sensors it uses
to calibrate values accurately.

The Fluke 87V/E2 combo kit supports both manual and automatic ranging. For experts, having the freedom to choose between the two gives them a lot more flexibility and precision. This is, of course, aided by the selectable filter, which drastically increases accuracy even in “noisy” circuits.

An optional magnetic hanger can be thrown in if you want a more hands-free experience. Its large backlit display will help you keep it out of the way while you work since it is clear enough to be viewed from a distance.


  •  Great value for money
  • Supports both automatic and manual ranging
  • Hands-free operation


  •  The probes are hard to squeeze into tight spaces

Who is it for?

TheFluke 87V/E2 kit is designed for professional technicians and electrical specialists. It is so far the best suited for electrical troubleshooting at an industrial scale. Beginners will neither find it usable nor cost-effective.

8. Fluke 179/EDA2 6-Piece Best Industrial Electronic Multimeter Combo Kit

The Fluke 179/EDA2 combo kit contains a digital multimeter with a detachable temperature probe, hook clips, test probes, test leads, a magnetic hanger, a carry case and a 9V battery inside the multimeter. It is one of the best multimeters offers you will get anywhere.

The multimeter itself is a full-featured device for professionals. Not only is its build compliant with safety standards, but it also offers a long list of measurement functions than all the multimeters we have seen so far. The multimeter is built ergonomically and with durability in mind. Despite being one of the more complex models on the market, it is still usable even by people without much experience. The manufacturer designed it to test components of high voltage electric circuits with high accuracy while keeping the user safe.

Although not everyone will be willing to spend this much for a multimeter, it is well-worth the hefty price tag. Its great build quality and excellent features put it at just a notch above other similarly-priced products in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Durably built
  • Highly accurate


  •  Expensive

Who is it for?

The Fluke 179/EDA2 is best suited for specialized industrial applications. Due to its sheer cost, it is more logical that it would be most economical when used in commercial settings by trained technicians. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be used elsewhere, although it would not be ideal to spend this much when a cheaper one would do just fine.

9. Fluke 289/FVF FlukeView Forms Best Multimeter Combo Kit

You get a digital multimeter, test leads, a temperature probe, alligator clips, a magnetic hanger and an Amp jack plug set in the Fluke 289/FVF combo kit. Despite all that, the multimeter is decidedly the star of the show thanks to its impressive features and capabilities.

This Fluke multimeter can not only carry out a seemingly endless array of electrical tests, but it can also log the data. An in-built data logger sees to this while powerful software converts this data into graphs for more comprehensive trend capture. Hence, you can log and graph up to 15,000 events with this powerful device.
As if that is not impressive enough, the multimeter sports a 50,000-count ¼ VGA display with white backlight. This is a brighter, crisper, and ultimately more visible screen than most multimeter displays. If your previous multimeter had a shabby screen, this could be an opportunity to upgrade.

As for accuracy, the multimeter uses selectable AC filters and a smoothing mode to reduce frequency noise for more precise readings. In a nutshell, it is a high-accuracy device that any electrical professional would love to have on their shelf.


  • Crisp, backlit display
  • High precision readings
  • Assortment of accessories


  • Has a bit of a learning curve

Who is it for?

The Fluke 289/FVF is best for high voltage industrial troubleshooting applications. For smaller tasks such as the home or car diagnosis, it will still work, but that will be a serious case of underuse. For that reason, professionals are the ones that can use it to its full potential since it can handle heavy duty applications, even on a daily basis.

10. Fluke FLK-3000 FC IND Wireless Industrial System Multimeter

Here is a multimeter that makes full use of wireless technology to make it easier and safer to conduct tests in high voltage circuits. The Fluke FLK-3000 has, not one, but two, wireless technologies that aid the user considerably while ensuring their safety.

The first is True RMS Wireless, which tests frequencies wirelessly and with extreme precision. This makes work a lot easier for the technician but also prevents them from coming into contact with dangerous electrical components.

Fluke Connect Wireless also offers enhanced safety by allowing the user to test frequencies without establishing physical contact. Bundled together with these handy features is the ability to send data wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. If you’re big on logging data, this is a handy feature as well.

A beautiful full-color LCD display and a rechargeable 10hr+ battery are just some of the things you get if you’re willing to spend this much for a multimeter. Of course, there are a lot of features on this thousand-dollar device, but thermal imaging takes the cake as the most unique.

This is the Cadillac of multimeters.


  • Safe
  • Uses wireless technology
  • Long battery life
  • Beautiful color display


  •  Very expensive

Who is it for?

Career electricians with a need for speed, safety, and precision. Perhaps the Fluke FLK-3000 isn’t the most affordable option out there, but it does indeed have the most features. If you can afford it, then the Fluke FLK-3000 is a worthy investment.

Recommendation of the Best Multimeters

1. For Beginners:

If you haven’t used a multimeter before, the INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter comes highly recommended to you. It is simple yet good enough to finish the job. Using it is also quite easy, and the best part is that it is very pocket-friendly.

2. For Average Users:

In case you are looking to upgrade or replace your old multimeter with a new digital one, the Extech EX330 Auto-Ranging Mini-Multimeter is a pretty decent choice for you. It will do everything you need it to with ease and most importantly, without being too difficult to operate. Also, it is quite an affordable option.

3. For Professionals:

While a few of these multimeters can make any professional happy, only the Fluke FLK-3000 FC IND Wireless Industrial System Multimeter deserves to be called the best for professional use. A professional electrical technician would find it extremely useful because it is robust, full-featured and packed full of neat little tricks.

The Bottom Line

One can say that all multimeters perform the same set of functions, but with different levels of specialization. Your training, experience, needs, and budget determine the amount of specialization needed in your particular case.

As we mentioned in the beginning, multimeters have marginal differences that make them hard to distinguish. By basing your decision on either one of the three determinants, you will be able to decide what kind of device you need.

Always remember to consider how well you’re able to utilize the product even before you buy it. Because doing so will help you avoid pitfalls such as overspending or buying underpowered tools. The right multimeter for you is the one that gets the job done.

Hopefully, this guide will help you arrive at the best multimeter for your specific needs which you can comfortably afford without going over your budget.