5 Best OBD1 Scanners Review 2018

An OBD1 scanner is designed to avail information in an eligible and simple manner as it can read a code and explain what it means. Amazing, isn’t it?

However, with many scanners in out there how do you choose a OBD1 scanner that is appropriate for you?


1. INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader

  innova 3145 review
(4.2 / 5)
Are you looking to for a code reader that can instantly access your on-board computer? If so, then choose INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader.

INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader is an OBD1 scanner that can reach into your on-board computer and retrieve vehicle number.

Besides, it can help you to accurately retrieve electronic codes as well as computer codes from ABS cars.

Furthermore, this OBD1 scanner can connect to the self-test connector of your car’s computer to retrieve and display problem through your vehicle Check Engine light.

The best part is that it offers you the flexibility to access and retrieve codes in either English, Spanish, or French.

It is a basic level scanner build for average car owners who want to retrieve information from their vehicles.

A video about INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader:


  • Compatible with most Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln cars and trucks manufactured from 1982 to 1995.
  • Display numeric trouble codes thus eliminating the need for you to count flashes.
  • Capable of testing Ford EEC-IV/MCU systems
  • Retrieve electronic codes and computer codes from ABS vehicles
  • Connects to your on-board computer so as to perform self-test functions.
  • Has an inbuilt-memory feature that stores codes even after unplugging reader.
  • Comes with instructions on OBD1 operations and for all Ford self-tests.


  • it is user-friendly as it comes with an easy-to-view numeric digital display
  • Can safely access the on-board computer without damaging your car computer
  • You can turn on the ignition and accurately read the error codes without necessarily starting the engine.
  • Can easily determine the problem by retrieving the codes and locating each code using code definition list to establish the cause of the problem.
  • The memory features help you save the code
  • It is lightweight and built sturdily for durability
  • Comes with a long option cable so that you can conveniently read codes.
  • The clear instructions enhance ease of use.
  • It is affordable


  • It is a basic code reader but does not erase codes.
  • You cannot upgrade it
  • Has no freeze frame and does not perform many advanced functions.


INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader is a highly reliable code reader that connects with on-board computer to retrieve codes.

It is easy to use as it therefore appropriate for any average car owner.

2. INNOVA 3123 GM OBD1 Code Reader

 innova 3123 review
(4.2 / 5)
The INNOVA 3123 is a reliable and quick code reader as it can retrieve codes by simply plugging and accessing your vehicles on-board computer.

The INNOVA 3123 GM OBD1 Code Reader is yet another reliable OBD1 code reader manufactured by Innova, a highly trusted brand.

The reader accesses the on-board computer and accurately retrieve engine as well as transmission codes.

Also, it can retrieve ABS truck or car computer codes. It is uniquely designed to use bar-code readers to read the ECM, SBS, and PCM codes.

As a result, the ease of use makes this OBD1 scanner a suitable reader for any average vehicle owner who wants to establish what is wrong with their vehicles.


  • Capable of accessing your vehicle on-board computer and accurately retrieve codes
  • Built to retrieve electronic and ABS codes
  • Weighs 0.75lbs
  • Built with safety measures so as not to harm your vehicle on board computer as it accesses data
  • It is built with multilingual capabilities as it can relay retrieve codes in Spanish, French, and English
  • Easily connect to your car or truck’s computer self-test system
  • Works with most GM domestic trucks and cars built from 1982 to 1995


  • It is reliable and quick as it can retrieve codes by simply plugging and accessing your vehicles on-board computer.
  • The OBD1 scanner is safe to use on most GM cars and trucks build from 1982 to 1995.
  • It is lightweight, and as such is a perfect drive companion
  • It offers flexibility in terms of terms of language used to access information as you can select either English, French, or Spanish
  • This obd1 scanner display digital numeric codes that are easy to read and understand.
  • It is incredibly budget friendly
  • Can read ABS codes


  • Can only read codes but does not delete
  • The INNOVA 3123 GM OBD1 scanner’s software cannot be upgraded
  • It is one of the OBD1 scanners that has a small coverage in code reading.


The INNOVA 3123 GM OBD1 Code Reader is  a perfect OBD1 scanner for all the average car owners who want to read codes in their vehicles. This code reader is compatible with most Ford Vehicles built from 1982 to 1995.

3. INNOVA 3120 Diagnostic Scan Tool

 innova 3120 review
(4 / 5)
The INNOVA 3120 is an OBD1 scanner that has smart functionality such as Bluetooth compatibility. It is equipped with memory back up and battery to provide convenient off-car review and analysis.

The INNOVA 3120 is a professional diagnostic scan tool that can easily handle computer error in most vehicles.

It is an exclusive OBD1 scanner that features everything you need to effectively troubleshoot all Check Engine problems on all the OBD2 vehicles.

Additionally, it can troubleshoot most popular vehicles built from 1982 to 1995 obd1 trucks and cars. The OBD1 scanner can perform many advanced functions as it is primarily built for professional tech.


  • In-built multilingual functions and can accurately display information in English, Spanish, and French.
  • Can effectively read as well as Check Engine light codes in your car with a click of a button.
  • Diagnose and delete OBD2 and ABS codes on most popular trucks and cars as well as in most newer-model vehicles.
  • The obd1 scanner has a memory battery backup that can help you do off-car car review and an in-depth analysis.
  • Retrieves OEM-enhanced trouble codes and transmission diagnostic trouble codes on 1996 and newer OBD2 foreign and domestic vehicles. This function also extends to popular vehicles manufactured as from 1982 and 1995 OBD1 trucks and cars.
  • Equally, retrieve OEM-enhanced trouble codes and transmission diagnostic trouble codes in all OBD2 vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards.
  • Can automatically refresh data after every 30 seconds, therefore, enhancing the process of repair and verifying repair completion.
  • It has an all-in-one color patented 2.8 color display, able of showing 20 pieces of information at any given time.
  • Displays OBD2 Freeze Frame Data.

Pros & Cons


  • It is an OBD1 scanner that has smart functionality such as Bluetooth compatibility
  • The scanner can accurately perform all OBD1 functions
  • It is equipped with memory back up and battery to provide convenient off-car review and analysis.
  • You will be able to perform free upgrades as well as updates.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • The scanner can display over 20 diagnostic vital information in one single view
  • Any professional tech can effectively scan any OBD 2 light trucks, any car, and hybrid manufactured from 1996 onwards.
  • The scanner display Emission Readiness status with the Red-Yellow-Green LEDs, therefore, assisting you to know if your car is ready to pass emission test.
  • Has hotkeys that make this obd1 scanner really convenient to use.
  • The hotkeys provide quick access to erase functions, freeze frame, DTCs, and ABS
  • You can easily know the status of the engine with as the scanner comes with freeze frame that indicates engine coolant temperature as well as fuel trim
  • Enhances safety by accurately reading and erasing anti-lock brake codes
  • The ability to refreshing after every 30 seconds helps you to work with accurate reading after every 30 seconds.


  • May sometimes fail to read models listed as one of the compatible models


INNOVA 3120 is a trusted OBD1 scanner by most professional tech as it provides all that is needed to effectively scan a vehicle.

Its level of accuracy, smart functionality, and ability to comprehensively diagnose most popular vehicle makes this obd1 scanner popular among the professional techs.

4. Actron CP9690 Trilingual OBD I/OBD II Elite AUTOSCANNER

 actron cp9690 review
(4.3 / 5)
Actron CP9690 Trilingual obd1 scanner is a true diagnostic gem for professional tech as it can perform almost all diagnostic functions needed to effectively repair vehicles.

If you are looking for scan tool that can instantly link you to millions of fixes, then Actron CP9690 Trilingual OBD1 Scanner is the appropriate tool for you.

It is a technical device built for professional techs mostly in the business of fixing cars. This device is compatible with all vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer OBD 2 and CAN.

Besides, it can diagnose 1994 and 1995 OBD 2 compliant vehicles as well as OBD1 1984-1995 GM and 1989-1995 Toyota and Chrysler vehicles.

And as such, it is popular among the professional tech who regularly perform advanced diagnosis on a wide range of vehicles.

A video about  Actron CP9690 Trilingual OBD1 Scanner:


  • It has an effective CodeConnect that links the techs to over 26 million verified vehicles for DTCs.
  • Oil light rest capabilities for popular 1996-2013 GM and BMW, limited Hyundai, and Ford.
  • Inbuilt battery capabilities for late model Mini Cooper, BMW, and Ford F-services trucks
  • Equipped with Airbag codes and definitions functionality for most 1996 to 2013 Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, and GM.
  • Can perform graph two PIDs concurrently
  • This OBD1 scanner support ABS functionalities
  • Support live data recording and playbacks
  • Built with print capabilities after reading the DTCs.
  • Has Alternator/battery/charging system monitor that enhance the safety of your vehicle battery.
  • Has a built-in acronym library
  • Comes with a component locator that describe where to find component on trucks and cars
  • Colour display
  • Trilingual manual as it supports French, Spanish, and French
  • Can be updated using USB port.


  • Can comprehensively diagnose most popular car models
  • User-friendly size
  • It is an OBD1 scanner that can effectively link to million fixes thus allowing you to explore different ways of a problem.
  • It is a highly efficient obd1 scanner as it can read and relay information fast
  • The scanner can automatically update itself to comply with the current vehicle requirements
  • It is equipped with most advanced features than most scanners you can find in the market today
  • You are guaranteed great support through ASE technical staff.
  • Support live as well as freeze data to enhance you to undertake an in-depth analysis


  • Can be a bit complicated to use
  • It comparatively expensive


Actron CP9690 Trilingual OBD1 Scanner is a true diagnostic gem for professional tech as it can perform almost all diagnostic functions needed to effectively repair vehicles.

5. Autel Maxisys MS906 Professional Car Diagnostic Tool

 maxisys ms 906review
(4.3 / 5)
Autel Maxisys MS906 is an extremely cool scanning tool designed for professional mechanics to perform comprehensive diagnosis.

Maxisys MS906 has earned its reputation as one of the OBD scanners that has a wide coverage. This is an incredibly powerful scanner that is based on Android Operating system.

Besides, you will be amazed at how Exynos 5260 6-core processor boosts the speed and functionality of this scanning tool.

If you are professional tech then this scanning tool is primarily built for you. It can multitask, support Wi-Fi functionality, and auto update through Wi-Fi connection.

Professional tech loves this scanner not only because of its amazing diagnostic capabilities but also its crystal clear screen with high resolution.


  • Runs on a fast and reliable open-source Android system for fast booting as well as multitasking.
  • Uses a really powerful Samsung ExynosHexa-core processor
  • Has smart AutoVIN technology used to identify vehicles easily
  • Has ergonomic design with rugged internal housing and rubberized outer protection
  • Comes with Wi-Fi for connecting to web resources
  • Incredible easy-to-use as it comes with an integrated vehicle communication reliable interface
  • Offers great flexibility and navigation from one item to the next
  • Has a huge internal 32GB SSD to enhance performance
  • It has a built-in 8-megapixel camera that has flashlight and autofocus capabilities
  • Uses a lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable that can run for up to 6 hours on a continuous operation
  • Extensive coverage of up to 80 US, European, and Asian models.
  • Instant remote support anywhere, anytime


  • You can access live data and graph for accurate diagnosis and repair.
  • It supports online updates, therefore, being able to keep up with the ever-changing automotive technology
  • Built with a high hardware configuration
  • Maxisys MS906 scan tool allows you to read codes using a big screen with high resolutions
  • Scans most of the vehicles as it has a wide coverage including domestic and foreign brands.
  • It is durable and is efficient
  • Capable of supporting English and Spanish languages
  • Support bi-directional capabilities
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • It is expensive


Autel Maxisys MS906 Professional Car Diagnostic Tool has a wide coverage and produces the most accurate diagnostic results. It is an extremely cool scanning tool designed for professional mechanics to perform comprehensive diagnosis.

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There is nothing more fulfilling than a driver who clearly understands his vehicle.

Surprisingly an OBD1 scanner is that one tool that puts you one step ahead of your vehicle Engine Check lights. Even better, an average car owner can access the onboard computer on a vehicle and retrieve information.

There are three types of OBD1 scanners built to suit your needs:

  • Basic OBD1 scanners are designed for average car owners who only want to do the basic diagnosis of their cars.
  • Entry-level OBD1 scanners are designed for DIYers who want to access more information to help them minor problems on their vehicles.
  • Professional OBD1 scanners are built for professional tech. These scanners perform comprehensive diagnostic functions.


If you are an average car owner, a DIY, or a professional tech you can always find an OBD1 scan tool that can exactly perform the car diagnosis you want.

The OBD1 scanners can perform both basic and even more advanced functions. Better, yet they come in different price range hence you can always choose a scanner that fit your budget.

Simply put, OBD1 scanners are exclusive diagnostic tools that put exclusive power of automotive know-how even if you do not have any mechanic skills.

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