How to Care for Your Car’s Audio System

Remember when you got that car rental in Abu Dhabi and the sound system in the car was out of this world? Deep bass, a singing treble, an unreal experience. It may have inspired you to do some upgrades of your own when you got home.

The trouble with making big upgrades to the audio is knowing how to properly maintain it. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve prepared a handy guide to care for your car’s audio system.

It starts with the installation

The first step toward good maintenance is having the thing properly installed. A sloppy installation will mean more problems down the road. Get a professional to help you if you have any doubts about your ability or gaps in your knowledge.

How to Care for Your Car’s Audio System
Knowing how to care for your car’s audio system will open doors to many great upgrades

An audio system will set you back hundreds of dollars, and quite possibly more. Don’t skimp on the proper installation. There’s a lot that can go wrong — wiring, incorrect placement, improper fastening — so the professional touch will go a long way.

Cleanliness is next to the godly sound

When you want the best quality sound, you have to maintain a clean regimen for the various elements of your sound system. The main thing to guard against is dust, which can clutter the outer parts of your sound system, but also get on the inside, which is much worse.

If dust gets inside your sound system, it will create all kinds of problems. Make sure you wipe down all parts of the sound system with a microfiber cloth to keep it clean and dust-free.

Magnets are the enemy

When it comes to your sound system, public enemy number one is definitely magnets. The speakers contain magnetic components, and so when outside magnets are introduced, it can cause audio chaos.

In short, magnets cause distortion in the force lines that surround the speaker’s operation. Those distortions negatively impact sound quality. There’s a reason that most speakers are housed within wooden or non-magnetic materials, and this is it.

Speakers can sulk in the sun

If you’ve purchased yourself a new sound system, then it’s likely that it’s protected from excess heat. This protection doesn’t always extend, however, to the harsh and unforgiving effects of direct sunlight.

When you’re parked up, and there’s little or no natural shade around, then it’s best to use sunshades or some other kind of protective windshield covering. This will ensure that the relentless sun isn’t beating down on your sound system for any length of time.

Don’t let the subwoofer get whacked

On a really upscale system, you might have gotten yourself a nice subwoofer, and it’s likely installed in the trunk. This will add a whole new dimension to your car’s audio system, but it also means another component to protect.

Your subwoofer is undoubtedly secured in place, but other stuff in your trunk is not. Depending on where you drive, junk in the trunk sliding around and impacting the subwoofer is not good news. Minimize this by keeping your truck clear of loose baggage and goods.

Know the limits of your system

Not even the best audio systems are meant to be set at full blast. Overtaxing the system will only do more damage than good. If even the very elite of audio can’t take that kind of blasting, then neither can any other system you might have.

Overtaxing will cause wear and tear, as well as unpleasant sound distortions, all of which really defeat the object of investing in a quality car audio system. Reducing its lifespan with overzealous volume control is a recipe for disaster.

Static charge? No thanks

Besides magnets and sunlight, static electricity is another thing you want to keep as far away from your car’s audio as possible. 

Yes, static is more than just a pain for you when you open the car door. It can do real damage to your car audio’s electrical systems, and so you should do all you can to keep it at bay.

Touch a safe surface before you go to adjust your car’s audio, like the glass window or leather steering wheel. This will “de-charge” you and make it safer to handle the audio controls.

A cared-for audio system is a better audio system

Follow our advice and you’ll have crystal clear sound and a mighty sound system that works for you through your car’s entire lifetime.