CGSULIT SC530 Review: Best Ford Bi-directional Scan Tool

The CGSULIT SC530 is an automotive scan tool that promises full-system coverage for Ford vehicles.

This scan tool is designed to provide professional-grade diagnostic capabilities to help you identify and troubleshoot various issues in your Ford vehicles.

In this review, I’m going to share my own experiences and opinions on SC530 features, pros, and cons.

My first-hand Experiences

I have been using the CGSULIT SC530 for 3 months now, and so far, my experience with it has been positive. The scanner is easy to use and navigate, and its interface is intuitive and user-friendly. The device also supports multiple languages, which is a plus for non-English speakers.

One of the features that I appreciate about the CGSULIT SC530 is its active test function, which allows users to test various components and systems in their vehicles. This feature comes in handy when trying to identify the root cause of a problem, and it can save users a lot of time and money.

The stories below illustrate how the CGSULIT SC530 helped me identify and solve various issues with my Ford car, ranging from simple problems like a misfiring cylinder to more complex ones like an airbag system issue.

1. Engine Light Issue:

One day, my check engine light came on while I was driving on the highway. I quickly connected the CGSULIT SC530 to my Ford car and the scanner identified the issue as a misfiring cylinder. I was able to fix the problem by replacing the spark plugs, and the engine light turned off immediately.

2. Airbag System Issue:

I had a friend who was having issues with the airbag system in his Ford car. I decided to lend him the CGSULIT SC530 to see if we could identify the problem. The scanner quickly detected an issue with one of the airbag sensors. We were able to fix the problem by replacing the faulty sensor and retesting the system.

3. ABS System Issue:

Another time, I noticed that my ABS system wasn’t functioning properly. I used the CGSULIT SC530 to scan for any issues, and it quickly detected a problem with one of the wheel speed sensors. After replacing the sensor, the ABS system functioned normally again.

4. Battery Issue:

My wife’s Ford car had a battery issue, so I decided to use the CGSULIT SC530 to check the battery’s condition. The scanner showed that the battery was on the verge of failing, so I replaced it before it completely died. This saved us the trouble of being stranded somewhere with a dead battery.

5. Active Test:

During my testing of the CGSULIT SC530, I encountered a problem with a misfiring cylinder in a Ford F-150. After scanning the system with the SC530, I was able to identify the misfiring cylinder and determine that it was likely caused by a faulty fuel injector.

Using the active test function of the SC530, I was able to perform a cylinder balance test to confirm the issue. This test involved deactivating each cylinder in turn to see how it affected the engine’s operation. When I deactivated the suspected faulty cylinder, there was no change in engine RPM, confirming that the cylinder was indeed not firing properly.

This level of diagnostic ability was extremely helpful, as it allowed me to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue and make a targeted repair, rather than having to perform a more time-consuming and expensive process of trial-and-error. Overall, the active test function of the CGSULIT SC530 proved to be a valuable tool in diagnosing and repairing this issue.

Pros and Cons:


•             Full-system coverage for Ford vehicles

•             Active test function for comprehensive diagnostics

•             User-friendly interface and easy navigation

•             Multilingual support

•             Compact and sturdy carrying case for storage and transport


•             Limited compatibility with non-Ford vehicles

•             No wireless connectivity option



Overall, the CGSULIT SC530 is a reliable and versatile automotive scan tool that is perfect for Ford vehicle owners. Its full-system coverage, active test function, and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for anyone looking to troubleshoot and diagnose their vehicle’s issues.

Alternatives: AUTOPHIX 7105 and ANCEL FD700

1. AUTOPHIX 7150

It is a full-system scan tool that provides comprehensive diagnostics for a wide range of systems, including the engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and more. It supports a variety of diagnostic functions, such as reading and clearing trouble codes, live data stream, freeze frame, I/M readiness status, and O2 sensor test. Additionally, it can perform some special functions like oil reset, EPB reset, battery registration, and throttle adaptation.

However, as previously stated, it does not support active tests. This means that it cannot perform advanced functions like actuating specific components or running specific tests within a system. While this may not be a deal-breaker for some users, it is something to consider if you require more advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Overall, the AUTOPHIX 7150 is a reliable and affordable scan tool that offers a range of diagnostic functions for most vehicle systems. If you are looking for a full-system scanner that can provide basic diagnostics and special functions, the AUTOPHIX 7150 is a good choice. However, if you require more advanced diagnostic capabilities such as active tests, you may want to consider other options.

2. ANCEL FD700

The ANCEL FD700 is another popular option for those in need of an OBD2 scanner. Like the CGSULIT SC530, it is designed specifically for Ford vehicles and provides full system diagnostics for all Ford models from 1996 and newer.

The ANCEL FD700 has a number of useful features, including the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, view live sensor data, and perform service functions like oil reset and EPB calibration. It also has a large, color screen and easy-to-use interface.

One downside to the ANCEL FD700 is that it is only compatible with Ford vehicles, so if you own a different make or model, you’ll need to look elsewhere. However, if you do own a Ford, the ANCEL FD700 is a solid choice that can help you diagnose and fix any issues with your vehicle.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a reliable and affordable OBD2 scanner, the CGSULIT SC530, AUTOPHIX 7150, and ANCEL FD700 are all great options to consider. Be sure to do your research and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.