FOXWELL NT510: BMW OBD1 & OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Review

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Foxwell NT510 bmw scan tool is an affordable device with professional features that allows you to diagnose multiple tests in your car.

Whether you are a professional or amateurs, always go for this device for quick and accurate results.

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FOXWELL NT510 review
FOXWELL NT510 Full system BMW OBDI OBD II automotive scanner
4.14.1 / 5
Foxwell NT510 is one of the best OBD1 and OBD2 full system scan tool for BMW, MINI, Chrysler, Rolls Royce, etc.

FOXWELL NT510 Detailed Review

Full-system Diagnostics

FOXWELL NT510 bmw scan tool has been designed with the state of art technology. This machine features unique functionalities that enable you to read and clear the codes from almost all major systems.

The Foxwell NT510 bmw can perform special functions such as ABS, engine light, transmission, airbag, SAS, DISA, etc, which enables you to detect your car model automatically and scan all the modules for any trouble codes.

The only challenge is that it does not support all modules it lists, NT510 supports about 15 out of 22, and when manually selecting modules, sometimes it does not communicate with the selected one.

Foxwell NT510 BMW full-system scan tool.
Foxwell NT510 offers a powerful system diagnostic function that can detect problems quickly.
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OE-Level diagnosis

FOXWELL NT510 for bmw is a professional scanner tool. After testing this scanner tool, you will find that it is suitable for independent repairs, small carports, specialized garages, and technicians.

Compared to other diagnostic tools, the Foxwell NT510 bmw scan tool gives an OE-level diagnosis of most electronic systems on most cars including BMW, Fiat, Chrysler, Ford, GM, and Honda.

Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

After disconnecting the steering linkage and replacing the clutch, FOXWELL NT510 bmw scan tool was able to read and reset the steering angle sensor position. With this gadget, you will be able to read the steering angle in real time on the screen and clear them accordingly.

Also, this scanner tool has the capacity of reading O2 sensor codes and resetting them.

The Foxwell NT510 BMW scan tool does calibration which permanently stores the position of the steering wheel. Also, this device automatically clears the faulty memory.

However, sometimes you get the faults when the steering rack and angle sensor don’t agree where the position of zero degrees.

Bi-directional Test

Apart from temporarily activating and controlling your vehicle, FOXWELL NT510 bmw scan tool can also check multiple electronic components including the sensors, switches, actuators, and relays.

This scan tool can also allow you to recalibrate, configure or adapt some elements after a repair or replacement.

The test you can make with this scanner includes CAS reset, battery registration, etc..

Battery Registration

With FOXWELL NT510 scan tool, you will be able to register a battery and update the scanner. With an internet connection, you can update your device, fix the latest bugs, and register new vehicles.

Upgrading your device will also add new functionalities and parameters which are necessary for diagnosis.

Foxwell NT510
FOXWELL NT510, you will be able to register a battery and update the scanner.
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The menu of this device is clear, and you can quickly find the option for battery registration. You will also be able to check the previous registry mileage and latest registries.

After registration, the software is forever free.

However, the problem is that you can only upgrade this software using a Windows computer.

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Service and Maintenance Operation

FOXWELL NT510 bmw scan tool can actively test your vehicle by temporarily starting and controlling it while examining. This allows you to have accurate results after troubleshooting the entire car.

Just in case you want to perform an oil change, go to the Maintenance Menu, VTG and then choose Oil Change.

Though it might take you a lot of steps, finally you will be allowed to clear codes from the VTG module.T

Although FOXWELL NT510 bmw scan tool is quick, sometimes the back button gets stuck when pressed, and you have to check every module to know their status.


FOXWELL NT510 is a multi-systems scanner. It is compatible with almost all car makes. It supports old vehicles ranging from 1987-1996 and the new ones which include the BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce models.

You can also use this tool for OBDI vehicles to check engines and perform various tests.

Foxwell NT510 is the best BMW scan tool.
Foxwell NT501 is a professional BMW/MINI scan tool.


  • It supports multiple diagnostic functions with different software versions.
  • Displays OBD2 Freeze frame data
  • Scans modules automatically.
  • It is an affordable and professional scan tool.
  • Provides a lifelong free update.
  • Compatible with most BMW models.
  • Supports OBDI/OBDII/EOBD operations.


  • When manually selecting modules, sometimes it fails to connect with the selected one.
  • You can only upgrade it using Windows devices.
  • The back button stuck easily.

FOXWELL NT510 vs. Bluedriver vs. FOXWELL NT301 Comparison Chart

foxwell nt510
Foxwell NT510
Check Price
Check Price
foxwell nt301
Foxwell NT301
Check Price
Customer Rating
4.24.2 / 5
4.44.4 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
Price Rangefoxwell nt510 pricebluedriver pricefoxwell nt301 price
CEL reset
Live Data
I/M readiness
Freeze frame
ABS, Airbag Diagnostics
Transmission Diagnostics
Full-system diagnostics
Battery Registration

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, FOXWELL NT510 is a scanner tool which is perfect and ideal for your BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, or other popular makes. It supports multiple features in comparison to FOXWELL NT301 and ANCEL AD510.

If you are a garage owner or a private BMW owner, then you should think of buying this device. Having FOXWELL NT510 scan tool at your place will not only diagnose your car, but it will save you a lot of money.

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