Buy Your Motocross Helmet: The Essential Points to Consider

Have you bought a new dirt bike? If yes, then you surely want to get on with the riding sessions. But before that, you need to invest in some essential dirt bike gears for body protection. The helmet is a crucial bike gear you shouldn’t be missing out on. And you should also conduct in-depth research before buying the helmet. 

Usually, the motocross helmets have a different look as compared to a motorcycle helmet. The dirt bike helmet comes within extended chin security that secured you from the roost. These helmets make use of extra ventilation to keep the bike rider cooler.

The Measuring

You need to determine the head shape and helmet size. It’s essential to select a firm helmet, that is neither tight not too loose. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Take a soft measuring tape close to your head close to half an inch atop the ears and eyebrows and at the back of the head on the biggest point.
  • You can also compare the head size with a particular helmet manufacturer size to get the best match. Every manufacturer offers a different size chart. Hence, comparing is essential.
  • Once you get the helmet, check the fit. It should sit squarely atop your head and the eye-port atop the eyebrows. If you find the helmet moving or having space for one finger between the helmet and head, you should opt-in for a small size.

The Helmet Shapes

It is also essential to get the head shape correct. The best-fitting helmet gives a snug fit. Three essential shapes that most helmet manufacturing companies manufacture are:

  1. Long oval – This helmet has an oblong shape where the front to backside is longer and the side narrower.
  2. Round oval–This too has an oblong head shape, the side is longer, and the front to backside resembles a long oval shape.
  3. Intermediate oval – This helmet shape has a round head shape within a broadside and short front to back. The majority of the companies manufacture intermediate oval helmets.

The helmet shape provides security and comfort. A proper size helmet with an incorrect fit is troublesome. It doesn’t offer the same protection that is required. Also, just in case you had an old helmet with a medium size, it doesn’t indicate that the new helmet will have to be of the same size. It is necessary to take the required measurements before you buy one.

The Helmet Cost

It would be best if you considered the price before you purchase a dirt bike helmet. The price of the helmet gets determined by the manufacturing materials and the advanced features of the helmet. For instance, if the helmet gets manufactured using carbon fiber, it will have a higher price than the polycarbonate helmet. Usually, a high-end motocross helmet that costs more provides increased security, better comfort, technology, and is lightweight. You might also get similar qualities and features within an affordable price.

Once you keep these factors in mind, you can choose the best dirt bike helmet that caters to your requirements and budget. You can also check the online resources to help you decide better.