How To Put Out Car Fire?

It’s not something you see every day but car fire happens sometimes. And when it happens, it can be deadly and life-threatening.

Just in 2016, the U.S. Fire Administration responded to at least 204,000 car fires. More so, as per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – 33 car fires are being reported in every hour just in the U.S.

car fire
A car fire is quite a dangerous situation

That figure is enough to make you understand why you have to think about car fire seriously. So, in this article, we will learn how to put out a car fire and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Visit for in-depth safety tips.

How To Put Out A Car Fire?

Let me say it first. Putting out the car fire yourself is really risky because you never know when it’s going to explode. However, if you have a fire extinguisher for car and you know how to use it, then you can try. Here is some vital information you should follow while trying to do it yourself:

  1. The preliminary Task: First, park the car nearby the road safely, turn off the ignition and get out. If you have your children or any elderly inside the car, get them out with extra care. Do not rush and keep your head calm.
  2. Seek Help: Now that you are out of the car safely, call 911 and share your location before you do anything.
  3. About Fire Extinguisher: Now, let’s put out the fire using the fire extinguisher. You have to make sure the fire extinguisher is meant for the car. Traditional fire extinguisher for the kitchen or home is not recommended. They can put out the car fire but will create a mess and potentially damage the engine.
  4. About H3R HalGuard: There are a lot of fire extinguisher brands for the car fire available in the market. But I like the H3R HalGuard one. A little bit costly, but highly recommended by firefighters.
  5. Using the Fire Extinguisher: Let’s assume you have the right fire extinguisher type and you know what you are dealing with. Make a safe distance between you and the burning car. Before you pull the lever make sure to point the nozzle at the fire. Once you are set, just pull the lever until the fire extinguisher is completely empty.

Tips On Car Fire From Experience

Your car is on fire and it is natural you won’t have that time to read the instruction on how to use the fire extinguisher. So, the instruction as soon as you buy the extinguisher for your car. Do not wait for the car to set fire. Teach other family members how to use it as well. Do a demo on how to use it.

Early Signs of Car Fire

Your car may catch the fire not just because of the car accidents, but mostly caused because of the mechanical failure. Or maybe you are just careless to leave cigarettes inside the car.

Luckily, you can see & understand the early symptoms of mechanical failure of your car even before it is too late.

  1. We change the oil every once a while, right? If you are not careful, there will be spilled oil leftover under the hood.
  2. There is oil or other liquid fluid under the car.
  3. If the fuses repeatedly keep blowing up, that’s a clear sight! It may be the result of the wiring problem. Or it could happen repeatedly due to faulty components.
  4. Frequent change in the oil/fuel level or simply the temperature keeps changing repeatedly.
  5. The exhaust system of the car keeps producing loud sounds.

You do not have to see all the above-mentioned signs to understand that your car is in trouble. Car fires may happen to any car, including electric cars. So, whatever car you drive, keep a sharp eye for those signs.

Service Your Car & Stay Safe

If you think that is a lot of information to process or you don’t think you won’t be able to use the fire extinguisher yourself, here is an easy to follow tips.

You see any smoke coming out of any part of your car, just get out. Make sure nobody is inside the car as soon as you pull over the car. Then Ask for help.

Fire destroys the car completely or at least messed up the engine. But it is preventable and for that, you should regularly service your car.


There is no alternative to a fire extinguisher to put out a car fire. So, it’s better to have it in the passenger compartment all the time so that every passenger has access to it.

You do not have to buy the HaleGuard brand I mentioned, but make sure it is at least ABC rated. FYI: ABC rated means perfect for all types of fires. Of course, in the cases of your car unfortunately being destroyed, you can enlist the help of