INNOVA 3040E OBD1 and OBD2 Code Reader Review

Innova 3040E
(4.2 / 5)
The Innova 3040E scanner is ideal for home use. This device is for car owners or beginners who want to learn about engines and diagnosing issues.

Innova Electronics Corporation has had its share of success in the scanning tools industry by launching products that are both practical and well-designed to meet the needs of the demanding consumer. This Innova 3040E OBD1 and OBD2 Code Reader is not different, In fact, it’s better.  

As the main suggests, this scanner does two critical jobs. First, OBD1 scanning to detect errors and display them in code form which many DIY users can’t understand. OBD2 scanners go beyond that and give an analysis of the engine glitches. OBD2 scanners can provide real-time diagnostic data and interface with the cars computer system 


This scanner is compatible with many care models made in the US, European and Asian from 1996 to the latest model. The Innova scanner has a universal interface that works with all car brands in the market. 
Innova 3040E scanner supports the following protocols;

  • ISO 9141
  • C.A.N. (Controller Area Network)
  • J1850VPW
  • J1850PWM
  • KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4

You can connect the scanner to your mobile device by use of a USB cable. Windows, Android, and IOS operated devices are supported


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The coded data is displayed on a prominent screen where the user views the results on a 2.8-inch color LCD screen. 
It’s a multilingual device supporting many languages. This gives wide variety and flexibility to any can receive updates from the internet by connecting it to a computer with internet. 

The device has a nine-button keypad with a speaker which flashes different light to indicate the condition of the engine and other components 

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The scanner is easy and fast to use to read and clear error codes. It displays live vehicles sensor data in text and graph formats and enables you to target specific data areas that show signs of trouble.

It supports Android, Windows and iOS operating systems for interpreting data and for updates online. You can connect the scanner to your phone to read the results of fault codes. It reads freeze frame data that helps you determine the cars speed, temperature, fuel emissions and the condition fuel tank and systems. The scanner has a vast library of codes to help you find solutions to glitches.

Features and functionality 

Data Features 

The Innova 3040E scanner can read codes and provide feedback in the form of codes. It can record data and playback the data to show the condition of your engine over time. It’s able to retrieve vehicle information and the check engine I/M readiness.
It can stream and record real-time data to be reviewed at a later time by capturing freeze data. The scanner reads and erases ABS light trouble codes on OBD2 motor vehicles. 

(4.2 / 5)
The Innova 3040E scanner is ideal for home use. This device is for car owners or beginners who want to learn about engines and diagnosing issues.

Emissions Reader

One feature that is attractive on this device is the emissions reader that will tell you how much emissions your car is putting out there. It’s an SAE approved scanner putting weigh to its credibility as an excellent scanner for your vehicle. 

Battery Backup 

The Innova OBDI/ OBD2 scan tool uses a battery to connect you your car’s computer. You can use it without connecting to the engine to power the device. This saves time and brings about efficiency.

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Compatible with Many Vehicle Brands 

This scan tool can work on both old and new car models. The OBD1 works on the older models and newer ones. The OBD2 codes are generic found in all cars. Therefore, it can work for manufacturer specific and general codes. 

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  • The scanner can perform the following tasks
  • Perform complete diagnostic analysis of the car system
  • Provide reports after scanning 
  • Provide data printouts 
  • Equipped with a massive library of codes, its ability to give suggestions on actions to take to correct issues


  • A well-performing gadget that gives the user fast and reliable data 
  • User-friendly interface with live data streaming. It’s a straightforward tool providing more answers than question
  • Used to test and analyses engine and gives accurate and descriptive diagnosis
  • Able to check emission status of your vehicle
  • The software can be updated to the latest version to include the latest car models

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  • It doesn’t come with a PC adapter which has to be purchased separately 
  • Battery life is wanting. It drains fast 
  • Works best with older model cars 

Innova 3040e’s Comparison 

Innova 3040e Diagnostic Code Reader
Innova 3120f Code Reader
(4 / 5)
(4.2 / 5)
(4 / 5)

- Compatible with OBDI & OBDII vehicles, SUVS and small trucks made in 1996 and later models
- Supports OBD2 protocols & test modes like reads fault code, clear code, live data etc, O2 monitor -tests, on-board monitor tests.
- Emission reader and ABS test
- Gives accurate readings

- Used read and erase codes on OBDI AND OBDII cars made in US and foreign from 1996
- live data streaming, reading and erasing data codes
- Testing and analyzing engine status
- Emissions status checker
- The software can be updated to the latest version

- Read and clear check engine lights on any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD21 and OBDII cars and small trucks
- Stream, record, and graph real-time live data to review the data at a later time on the
- Erases and reads SRS & ABS trouble codes on compatible vehicles
- Resets oil- light and reset batteries maintenance light

-It’s an expensive piece

- Poor battery life
- Works better with older model cars

- Doesn’t not have a PC USB cable

Who Should Use It?

Innova 3040E
(4.2 / 5)
The Innova 3040E scanner is ideal for home use. This device is for car owners or beginners who want to learn about engines and diagnosing issues.

The Innova 3040E scanner is ideal for home use. This device is for car owners or beginners who want to learn about engines and diagnosing issues. The scanner will help you catch minor trouble before they graduate and become too vast for you to solve requiring a visit to your mechanic. 

With this scanner, you will save a few bucks by attending to your car early enough by detecting and analyzing issues. It’s a convenient tool to have in your garage.


Though expensive, it’s the perfect tool for your needs. It has all the features a good scanner should have; read and interpret data codes. The fact that it reads emissions, it’s a welcome feature that makes it a worthy investment.