10 Best Jump Starters Review and Comparison 2019

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Best Jump Starters Review

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1. NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000-Amp Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter
4.24.2 / 5
The GB40 is an ultra-portable, lightweight and compact lithium-ion jump starter for 12-volt batteries

The NOCO GB40 is a small and compact jump starter that holds enough power for 20 jump starts per single charge. It is an entry-level starter that is affordable, useful, and small enough to fit in your glove compartment.

Safety features like the polarity protection and spark proof make the GB40 infinitely safer to use by eliminating the risk of getting electrocuted. It doubles as a USB battery pack that can be used to charge all kinds of USB-powered devices.

The NOCO GB40 also comes with a powerful 100-lumen LED flashlight that has seven light modes including emergency strobe and SOS. Although it only comes with a cigarette lighter charger, you can hook it up to your laptop via USB if you prefer to charge it that way.

The GB40 comes with accessories such as a USB charging cable, needle-nose battery clamps, and a microfiber drawstring carry pouch for convenient storage.


  • Comes with a handy LED flashlight that has 7 different light modes
  • Provides adequate protection from mistakes and accidents that occur during the process
  • Serves as a USB battery pack that you can use on the go


  • The manufacturers do not provide a wall charger for the battery pack

Who is it for?

If you own a vehicle with a 6-cylinder gas engine of up to 6L, the GB40 is the right jump starter for you. It is suitable for jump-starting passenger vehicles and some light commercial vehicles.

2.DBPOWER 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter
4.24.2 / 5
With 18000mAh capacity and smart USB port, DBPOWER can full charge your laptops

This DBPOWER jump starter offers up to 30 jump starts on a single charge. It is a full-featured jump starter cum battery pack with a sturdy build and enhanced operability. For the average vehicle owner, it is a decent choice that does not disappoint easily.

The jump starter uses advanced intelligent all-copper jumper cables that are decidedly better than normal cables. These protect your devices from irregularities such as over-voltage, short circuits, over-current, overload, and over-charging.

It also comes with a bright LED flashlight that comes with four light presets: high, strobe, SOS, and a red emergency light. At this price
range, it is uncommon to find a battery pack with an LCD screen. This makes the DBPOWER, which also has an LCD screen and a 2.4A USB charging port, a great option.


  • It is easy to operate
  • Protects your devices from irregular currents
  • Comes with an LCD screen


  • Lack of instructions make it a bit hard to get used to

Who is it for?
The jump starter can be used on vehicles with gas engines of up to 6.5L and diesel engines of up to 5.2L. This makes it suitable for a wide range of passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and a few diesel powered trucks.


STANLEY FATMAX J7CS Jump Starter: 700 Peak/350 Instant Amps, 120 PSI Air Compressor
3.63.6 / 5
With 18000mAh capacity and smart USB port, DBPOWER can full charge your laptops

The STANLEY FATMAX J7CS is an especially handy jump starter to have in times of crisis. Not only does it help bring your car back to life, but it also comes with a 120 PSI air compressor and a swiveling LED flashlight.

It provides 700 peak amps and 350 cranking amps, which are enough to cold start a vehicle with a dead battery even in cold weather. Its 120 PSI air compression pump ensures that you never have to go to a gas station
to get your tires filled.

The battery pack comes with a standard 12V DC outlet, a USB port, and an optional DC plug. Its ultra-bright LED flashlight can swivel for up to 270 degrees, making it even more useful when it gets dark. A brass-tipped SureFit nozzle on the air compressor provides a more secure connection.

Safety features have been installed to ensure that no harm comes to the user of the STANELY FATMAX J7CS. For instance, when hooked incorrectly, a reverse polarity LED indicator and audible alarm goes off to alert the user. This guarantees safety and protection from mistakes.


  • Swiveling LED flashlight provides more light coverage
  • Integrated air compression pump is easy to use and a handy tool to have around


  • The positioning of the compressor at the back makes it easy to activate mistakenly, and this can cause problems especially while driving

Who is it for?

The STANLEY FATMAX J7CS will provide sufficient power to jumpstart most 6-cylinder passenger vehicles and light commercial trucks. Its
jump-starting ability is influenced by the vehicle’s battery levels, temperatures, and the amount of charge left.

4. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter

The JNC660 is a marginally more robust jump starter that is known for its unrivaled cranking power and duration. It is sturdily built and features robust components that are designed specifically to endure through corrosion and shock.

It provides 425 cranking amps and 1700 peak amps for jump starting your car battery. This is more than enough to get your vehicle roaring
again except in extreme temperature conditions. A 12V DC outlet provides a way for you to charge any accessories with a 12V battery.

The JNC660 uses a 46” industrial grade cable with Hot Jaw clamps. This cable is less prone to corrosion and more capable of delivering current from its replaceable Clore Proformer batteries to the car battery’s terminals.

Built-in automatic recharging keeps the batteries full even when it is not in use to ensure that you always have a ready source of power. The JNC660 also comes with a voltmeter to help you diagnose battery issues and a handy LED light.


  • Built-in automatic recharging ensures that the jump starter is always ready for action
  • It can be charged externally using just about any cable


  • The LED light switch is positioned in a way that could result in accidental activation, and this could drain the battery pack without your knowledge.

Who is it for?

The heavy-duty build of the JNC660 makes it more adaptable
to rough handling and immune to drops and falls. It packs enough cranking power to jump start all passenger vehicle and 6-cylinder commercial vehicles.

5.NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 Ultra-Safe Lithium Jump Starter

This battery pack carries enough juice for up to 40 jump starts per single charge. It provides 2000 peak amps and over 600 cranking amps, making it ideal for a wide range of battery types and vehicle engines. The fact that it weighs just over 5lbs is an added bonus if you’re looking for something light but powerful.

The NOCO GB70 comes with a USB charging port and a 12V power output port that can be used to charge or power accessories. An ultra-bright 100-lumen LED flashlight adds to the jump starter’s handiness since it provides a source of light when you’re working in the dark.

Rapid charge technology allows it to charge fully in just over 3 hours and gives it enough power for dozens of jumpstarts. It is compact, sturdily built, and full of safety features that protect you and your devices from irregular currents.


  • Charges fully in just over three hours
  • Provides up to 40 jump starts on a single charge


  • Heavy duty clamps make it bulkier and heavier than is ideal

Who is it for?
The NOCO GB70 is designed for gas engines of up to 8L and diesel engines of up to 6L. You can use it on a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, trucks, boats, pickups, and tractors.

6.DEWALT DXAEJ14 Jump Starter (1400 Peak/700 Instant Amps)

This jump starter puts 1400 peak amps and 700 instant amps at your disposal. Its sheer power is outshined only by its portability and ability to be used on the go. The DEWALT DXAEJ14 is a heavy duty jump starter that can bring any dead battery back to life.

Power is delivered from the battery pack to your battery’s terminals via 3 feet of 4-gauge AWG cables, and as well as the coated powder clamps. These industrial-grade components are more adept at transporting current and resisting corrosion.

It works well with several battery types, including AGM, GEL, and WET batteries. Additional features include a 120 PSI digital compressor with auto-stop and SureFit nozzle, a patented alternator checking tool to run diagnostics with, and a reverse polarity alarm.

The last feature protects you from getting harmed if you mistakenly attach the clamps incorrectly.


  • Suitable for multiple battery types
  • Packs enough power to jump start larger trucks


  • The unit is bulky, and this presents a problem when you have limited storage space.

Who is it for?

The DEWALT DCAEJ14 has enough power to jump-start engines ranging from small 4-cylinder engines to massive V-8 SUVs and trucks. It is essential for many varieties of vehicles.

7.Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR Jump Starter with Air Compressor

The JNCAIR jump starter will give you a lot more in terms of cranking power because it uses Clore Proformer batteries. Batteries like these are designed for maximum power and are exceptionally dense and durable.

It uses 68” 2-gauge industrial-grade AWG welding cable leads which are highly durable and resistant to corrosion. It is coupled with heavy duty Hot Jaw clamps with tension springs to create a very efficient power delivery system.

Automatic recharging is facilitated by the jump starter’s built-in AC charger that won’t overcharge it and leaves it ready for action. Its air compressor is no joke either. It features an industrial-grade air delivery system that consists of a 12-foot air hose, a screw-on chuck, and an inbuilt air pressure gauge.

The JNCAIR jump starter has a solidly-built extra-strength rubber boot that enhances stability. Using it on uneven ground is therefore much less risky.


  • Comes with a powerful air compression pump
  • Features a sturdy design with robust components


  • The clamps are big and quite bulky, and it can be difficult to hook them up to the terminal

Who is it for?
The JNCAIR jump starter has enough power to jump-start most 6-cylinder engines and some 8-cylinder engines as well. It excels at bringing small passenger vehicles to life but can also be useful for fairly large commercial trucks.

8.Jump-N-Carry JNC318 Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply

Powerful enough to start 8-cylinder engines yet small enough to fit in your trunk, the JNC318 is the epitome of efficiency. It is a full-featured 12V jump starter that also doubles as a power supply for USB devices and small 12V appliances.

Its most unique feature is undoubtedly the Preheat mode. While most jump starters struggle to work properly in frigid temperatures, this one has a self-warming mechanism that prepares it for action. This makes it an even more ideal choice for harsh winter weather.

A couple of more features worth mentioning include its full-size heavy-duty clamps. These are larger than most clamps, and the reason behind this is so that they can connect better with the battery terminals. They
are also powder-coated to resist corrosion.

An extra-bright LED flashlight, and dual 2.1A USB outputs are some of the bonuses you’ll enjoy with this unit.


  • Convenient preheat mode makes it easier to jump start in freezing temperatures
  • Compact design is ideal for small spaces
  • Large, heavy duty clamps are durable and provide
    better connection


  • Does not come with an inbuilt charging system

Who is it for?

If you’re looking to jump-start a V8 engine, this is the one you need. It is also suitable for small passenger vehicles and large commercial vehicles with 4, 6, or 8-cylinder engines.

9NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 4000Amp Lithium Jump Starter

This massive 4000Amp lithium jump starter packs enough power for 80 jump starts per single charge. The manufacturers have given it an exterior design that anticipates shock damage and extreme conditions.

Under the tough exterior case, a rechargeable 4000Amp lithium battery stores enough power for dozens of jump starts. Heavy duty welding cables facilitate the transmission of current to your battery’s terminals. As expected, these are extremely durable and conductive.

A neat feature of the GB150 is that it comes with an integrated voltmeter for performing various battery diagnosis tests. This is quite a bonus especially since sometimes the problem is more than just a dead battery.

A reverse polarity protection feature guarantees your personal safety even if you mistakenly attach the wrong clamp to the wrong terminal. It also prevents current from flowing when the clamps are brought together.

Available power ports include a 2.1A USB INport, a 12V power port, and a 2.1A USB OUTport. Turning this jump starter into a handy power supply unit is therefore quite possible.


  • Performs several jumps starts on a single charge
  • Comes with an integrated voltmeter for running diagnosis checks


  • The Hot Jaw clamps are unnecessarily bulky, making the unit more difficult to carry around

Who is it for?
This powerful jump starter is most effective when used on vehicles with gas or diesel engines with capacities of over 10L. It is ideal for a wide range of passenger and commercial vehicles, boats, and battery-powered equipment.

10.Truck PAC ES1224 3000 Peak/1500 Instant Amp Jump Starter

Despite being the most powerful entry on this list, the ES1224 features a very user-friendly control interface. It is the first jump starter on the list that supports both 12V and 24V jump start. You can switch from 12V to 24V and vice versa easily by turning the voltage-selection knob.

This jump starter is built quite ruggedly and with robust internal and external components. For instance, it uses industrial grade Hot Jaw clamps to transfer power to the terminals. These are exceptionally durable. It also boasts of an impact-resistant case that prevents it from sustaining damage from drops.

The jump starter is powered by two high-performance ES-Series batteries that provide 3000 peak Amps and 1500 instant Amps. An advanced warning system governs the unit to prevent accidents and injuries resulting from reversing the polarity and touching the clamps together.

This unit has automatic recharging enabled, and that means that you don’t really have to plug it in after it is depleted. It automatically and continuously recharges itself using its built-in charger, and when full, a battery status LED will alert you.

The unit also has a 12V DC outlet that can power 12V accessories.


  • Can hold a charge for over a year
  • Lightweight enough to carry
  • Unrivaled jump starting power
  • Auto-recharges when depleted
  • Cased in a sturdy impact-resistant body


  • Lacks USB charging ports
  • The plastic casing on the clamps break off too easily

Who is it for?

This jump starter is powerful enough to bring any type of battery back to life. Heavy duty commercial vehicle, large trucks, and farming vehicles such as tractors can easily be jump-started by this excellent battery pack.

Best Jump Starters Comparison Chart

Clore Automotive JNC318
Clore Automotive JNC318
Clore Automotive ES1224
Clore Automotive ES1224
Customer Rating
4.24.2 / 5
3.83.8 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
Pricenoco gb40 priceClore Automotive jnc318 priceClore Automotive es1224 price
Weight2.4 lbs3.02 lbs44 lbs
Battery TypeLithiumLithiumLead acid
12 Volt OutputNoYesYes
USB OutputYesYesYes
Bottom LineIt works well with for jump-starting passenger vehicles and some light commercial vehicles.It is highly recommeded for small passenger vehicles and large commercial vehiclesIt is suitable for heavy duty commercial vehicle, large trucks, and farming vehicles

1. The Most Portable

Portability is an added advantage in the world of jump starters, and none displays more of this attribute than the NOCO Genius Boost plus GB40 1000-Amp Lithium Jump Starter. It might be small in terms of battery size and even cranking power, but it is perfectly sized to fit in small spaces, including your glove compartment.

2. The Best For Cold Starts

Jump-starting a battery in frigid weather is even harder if the jump starter is cold as well. The good news is, the Jump-N-Carry JNC318 Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply comes with a preheat feature for exactly such scenarios.

3. The Best For Big Engines

If you’re driving a heavy commercial vehicle such as a truck, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything as powerful and as affordable as the Truck PAC ES1224 3000 Peak/1500 Instant Amp Jump Starter. For obvious reasons, you should consider investing in this because it is less likely to let you down.

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The Bottom Line

The right jump starter can be an invaluable tool to have, especially during the cold season. Consider how often your vehicle needs a jump
start to better understand what features would best suit you. The good news is, jump starts can hold a charge for a very long time.

Added functionality such as USB power ports and 12V outlets are great but remember to give priority to features such as cranking amperage,
charging duration, and build quality. Portability is important as well since a jump starter probably spends most of its life inside a vehicle.

Don’t hesitate to spend more on a bigger battery pack if you suspect that it might be better suited to the vehicle you drive. When it comes to jump starters, more power equals more reliability. Safety features such as reverse polarity protection are also common these days, so ensure you look out for that as well. Regardless of what you settle on, a jump starter is an important tool that you should never leave home without.