Snap On Modis: Professional Automotive Diagnostic Tool Review

The snap on modis is one such OBD II scanning system. Snap-on Modis comes with several features that enable it to perform as a proper scanning tool on the market.

Before the year 1996, diagnosing of vehicle systems was quite difficult. This was occasioned by the fact that mechanics had to tear apart the entire car to diagnose the fault.

Snap-On Modis
Snap-On Modis Ultra Scanner Scan Tool EEMS328 with Accessories
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Snap on modis is compatible with all OBD II protocols. This makes it compatible with over 40 brands of vehicles manufactured during or after 1996.

However, since the invention of OBD II scanners, diagnosing a car became much easier.

The package also comes with several components and types of connections. This is to make it compatible with several types of OBD II systems.

This snap on scan tool is truly a comprehensive device intended to accurately scan engine warning light causes.

Snap-on Modis Detailed Review


Snap-on Modis is compatible with all OBD II protocols. This makes it compatible with over 40 brands of vehicles manufactured during or after 1996.

These vehicles do not only include local models but foreign models of vehicles as well.

The system of this snap on scan tool can also work on small cars as well as larger trucks with a 12V battery capacity.

It functions in hybrid vehicles and can accurately scan their systems.

Snap-on scan tool is connected to the dashboard via a wire. This wire connects to the OBD II datalink cable in your vehicle.

You can find this cable under the dashboard or under the handbrake.


This Snap-on OBD2 scanner uses a clear 8” tablet as its primary means of displaying information.

The screen is scratch-resistant. In addition, this best snap-on scanner has a resolution of 800×400 making it quite clear.

The screen is quite intuitive and is operated in two ways.

One is by using it as a touchpad and the other is by using the 4-way thumb pad that the device comes with.

The display of the snap-on Modis gives you all the information that you require in a colorful manner.

It implements the use of graphs and charts to display information making it quite comprehensive.

While implementing the use of graphs, the screen of the Snap-on Modis can show 4 live data parameters.

If it is in digital mode, however, the 8” display shows 8 live data parameters. This means you can view several aspects of your vehicle at a go with this snap-on scan tool.


The software in the Snap-on Modis scan tool is designed to give you the latest tools in the snap on OBD2 scanner market. These tools are there to make sure your scan is as complete as possible.

To get in touch with the latest tools on the snap-on scan tool, you need to upgrade your software to the all-new version 17.4.

The new software gives you all the help you need on the toughest diagnostic jobs.

Additionally, the new software covers for way more vehicles as compared to the previous one. It covers up to 49 different makes and models.


Fast action

The snap on scanner acts quite rapidly. It can boot in as little as five seconds giving you a fast startup speed. A complete vehicle diagnosis takes as little as 30 seconds for this best snap-on scanner.

The rapid actions of the snap on Modis saves you time. Other devices normally take up time booting and scanning.

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SureTrack expert information systems

Snap-on Modis is a scan tool that performs scans quite rapidly
The key feature in the snap on modis is to access SureTrack,

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This is a key feature in this snap-on OBD2 scanner. In order to use SureTrack, you require an internet connection in the form of Wi-Fi.

SureTrack is a platform on the internet that gives the car owner access to a huge error code database.

From this database, you can get the particular details of a large variety of error codes.

The platform is online meaning you get the information from a large variety of experts.

This increases the likelihood of the information being correct. This is the single purpose for which SureTrack was developed.


A major benefit that results from the touch screen is easy one-touch operations. You get the perks of one-touch navigation. This helps you maneuver through the system.

You can use one-touch either through the touch screen or by using the keypad.

Additionally, you get a one-touch vehicle scan. With this feature, you can perform a complete diagnosis of your vehicle by simply clicking a single button.

The scan is rather comprehensive as it checks and clears all the vehicle codes for the approved vehicle models.

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The snap on modis was developed to perform the following functions.

  • Save time for both mechanic and owner
  • Perform professional vehicle diagnostics

Save time

This function is enabled by a number of features. The first feature is the 5-second booting capability. The second is the ability to perform a complete scan in a mere 30 seconds.

These two features enable the mechanic to conduct a vehicle scan in a short duration of time.

The device has one cable for connecting all OBD II functions. This saves time spent alternating connections on different ports.

Snap on modis has a feature known as FastTrack that enhances this function.

FastTrack gives the user troubleshooting tips on the go to prevent the user from coming back.

Professional diagnostics tool

The dedicated SMX-Embedded OS makes scanning and reporting error codes quite fast.

To increase the speed of the reporting, you get a scanner, a scope as well as all the tips from SureTrack.

This Snap on OBD2 scanner is complemented by a Micro SD in the packaging.

You can use this to save screen captures, images, diagnostic results and codes. You can view these later.

The Snap-on scanner can show data in two ways; graphically or digitally. Graphs play a huge role in visibly assessing the variations in the vehicle’s systems increasing accuracy.

This snap on OBD2 scanner also comes with glitch capture, cursors and peak detect. These features enable it to detect issues that other scopes might easily miss.

Snap on modis is an OBD2 scan tool that is compatible with all OBD II protocols
Snap-On Modis comes as a full kit with several components and types of connections

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  • The device performs scans quite rapidly
  • Results given are accurate due to access to SureTrack
  • It has a large screen for accurate display
  • Some tests are automated like caliper reset and service reset therefore saving time


  • It presents information in charts and graphs which could be hard to understand for non-technicians.
  • The device is not compatible with some models of vehicles.

Snap-on Modis vs. Snap-on D10 vs. Innova 3150f Comparison Chart

Check Price
Snap-On Modis Ultra
Snap-On Modis Ultra
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Innova 3150f
Innova 3150f
Check Price
Customer Rating
55 / 5
55 / 5
4.24.2 / 5
Pricesnap on d10 pricesnap on modis ultra priceinnova 3150f price
WeightN/AN/A1.35 pounds
DimensionsN/AN/A10.2 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Support OBDII modeYesYesYes
Checks and clears codesYesYesYes
Bottom LineIt is ideal for beginners and ordinary car owners.It is a great pick for experts.It is built for both DIY-er and professional mechanics.

Who Should Buy It?

Snap on OBD2 scanner is an ideal device for experts. It presents empirical information in comprehensive graphs that are easier for an expert to comprehend.

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