Top 50 Auto Blogs to Read in 2021

As expert mechanics, experienced or would-be car owners, novice drivers, we could all do with a reliable source of car info. There are bazillions of car blogs out there, all offering tons of user advice along with buyer guides and car reviews. To help you sift through the rubble, we’ve compiled a top-50 list of the most useful auto blogs we know.

Top Auto Blogs To Read

1. Cars

Cars is one of the best auto blogs in read
Cars blog is a DIY section as well if you fancy yourself handy with a toolkit.

Blog Link:

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Twitter: 130.1k followers

Facebook: 500k+ fans

If you’re looking to buy at a good bargain, this car sales site will help you find the best deal from a dealer near you. You can also use this auto blog to find service centers near you, along with an estimate of what repairs will cost you. There is a DIY section as well if you fancy yourself handy with a toolkit. Get the specs of any car or compare models in the research pages.

2. Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is one of the best auto blogs
Kelley Blue Book is replete with information that will make shopping much more rewarding for the would-be car owner.

Blog Link:

Location: Irvine, California

Twitter: 88.8k followers

Facebook: 250k+ fans

This auto resource is replete with information that will make shopping much more rewarding for the would-be car owner. You will get prices of the models you have in mind, both new and used. A robust search tool makes it all the easier for you to do this. They will help you sell your car themselves or give you some great tips to find buyers quickly if you wish to dispose of your jalopy.

3. EdMunds

EdMunds is one of the best auto blogs
EdMunds provides a free appraisal tool to get the value of your car in a matter of minutes.

Blog Link:

Location: Santa Monica, California

Twitter: 105.4k followers


Want to upgrade your car but are not sure how much it’s currently worth? EdMunds provides you with a free appraisal tool to get the value of your car in a matter of minutes. But that’s not all; this automotive blog offers visitors a robust search engine to help you find your dream car together with an estimate of how much it will cost. If you’re in the US, they will help you pinpoint a dealer near you.

4. ClassicCars 

ClassicCars is one of the best auto blogs
ClassicCars is your one-stop-shop for classics.

Blog Link:

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Twitter: 40.1k followers

Facebook: 250k+ fans 

This website is your one-stop-shop for classics. It’s where you’re looking to procure a rare gem from the 1960s, or if you’re to part with one at the right price. Besides being a vibrant market for yesterday’s masterpieces, ClassicCars is an excellent resource for all those other peripheral services that go with car ownership. You can get an insurer as well as a financier for your 1990 Alpha Romeo Spider or 1982 Chevrolet Corvette right there.

5. CarAdvice

CarAdvice is one of the best auto blogs
CarAdvice is for a fan of the classics or are in love with racing cars.

Blog Link:

Location: Australia

Twitter: 10.4k followers

Facebook: 770k+ fans

Whether you’re a fan of the classics or are in love with racing cars, CarAdvice is the auto blog that will quench your thirst for information. Here you will learn about the unveilings of the latest SUVs and price fluctuations of popular saloons as they happen. If you’re a gear-head hoping to kill some time, you can feast your senses on video previews of cars that will soon be hitting showrooms.

6. Universal Motorcars’s Blog

Blog Link:

Location: 5585 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA

This is a blog of Universal Motorcars, a Collision Center and Auto Repair Shop in Las Vegas, NV. They know for optimal auto repair services for the past 35 years. They have a team of ASE-certified mechanics who have years of experience repairing every make, model, and type of car, motorcycle, and truck. Apart from offering engine repair, oil change, brake pads, and transmission services, they also provide collision auto repair and truck body paint services at affordable rates. So if you’re looking for automotive tips from industry experts, Universal Motocars’s blog will be a good place for you.

7. Team Ryan Automotive Blog

Blog Link:

Location: Buford, Georgia

The blog for this family-owned and operated shop covers everything from car care tips to how their team gets involved in the Buford, Georgia community. They are leaders for environmental stewardship, recognized locally and nationally.  

8. Foxwell Tool Blog

Blog Link:

This is a blog of an online authorized dealer of Foxwell technology, which only provides original and professional Foxwell tools. They directly link customers to Foxwell products, provide the best and newest devices for customers. Throughout this blog, they provide technical information, recent updates, and notices about Foxwell diagnostic tools. If you are a Foxwell fan and looking for information about Foxwell products, this is an ideal destination for you.

9. True Car Blog 

Blog Link:

Location: Santa Monica, California

Twitter: 20k followers

Facebook: 240k+ fans

This blog is one of those no-frills automotive platforms that offers a platform for folks looking to buy or sell cars. If you want to sell your vehicle, you simply give them its specs, and you will get an instant estimate of how much it will fetch. True Car will then help you get an offer from a nearby dealer. If you’re looking to buy, you can use the search feature on their site to get all the info you need.

10. Auto Beat

Blog Link:

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Twitter: 851 followers

Facebook: 1.4k+ fans

As its name suggests, Auto Beat puts your finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the automotive world. If you consider yourself a died-in-the-wool gear-head, this should be in your list of top automotive blogs. Expect to find an in-depth analysis of everything concerning cars from their construction materials to reviews of the latest models. You also be able to keep abreast of the industry’s emerging trends. 

11. Electrek

Blog Link:

Location: Fremont, California

Twitter: 76.6k followers

Facebook: 75k+ fans

Are you one of the more progressive gear-heads wondering how far electricity-powered vehicles have come? Log on to Here you will find information on groundbreaking EV tech, like Tesla’s advanced assisted driving program. It is also the place to search for deals on electric vehicles from dealers near you. 

12. Jalopnik 

Blog Link:

Twitter: 317.6k followers

Facebook: 412k+ fans

Jalopnik offers you the latest headlines from the auto industry, including new releases from famous and not-so-popular carmakers. The insightful reviews they publish on various models will let you know if they offer real value for money or just empty hype. Jalopnik reviews go beyond the horsepower figures, engine cylinders, and aesthetics to reveal what those statistics translate to in terms of performance and utility. There are also helpful tips for you if you’re shopping for a car.

13. Yourmechanic Blog

Blog Link:

Twitter: 2.5k followers

Facebook: 15.9k+ fans

This blog helps car owners find mechanics who will fix their cars on-site, be it at home or in the office. And to ensure the pricing is fair, you can request a quote before they visit you. They have a network of mechanics spanning 2,000 cities across the US, so you can be sure to get repairs wherever you live. You can also get a wealth of convenient car maintenance here.

14. Insideevs

Blog Link:

Location: Miami, Florida

Twitter: 37.7k followers

Facebook: 92k+ fans

Electric car enthusiasts or would-be electric car owners will find this automotive blog a helpful resource in many ways. It contains a buyer’s guide that will reveal the features and issues of various EV models. Potential buyers will appreciate the comparisons between different models as well as the in-depth reviews of individual models. There is a beneficial on-site search engine that allows you to filter results by brand or model.

15. Hemmings Daily

Blog Link:

Location: Bennington, Vermont

Twitter: 32.1k followers

Facebook: 373.8k fans

If you are looking to bring some mid-20th century charm into your garage, Hemmings Daily should be your first stop. Here you will find listings of classics up for sale in different localities. If you see something that catches your eye, you can contact the seller through the site. Do you already own beauty from the past and look for a part to get it back on the road? You can search for it there using the make and model of your car.

16. Car Throttle

Blog Link:

Location: London

Facebook: 5.8m fans

Car Throttle is the information fix for supercar lovers. Where you will find the low-down on the latest 700bhp Porsche or the V8-powered Shelby that shattered the production top speed record, muscle car fans will also find plenty to chew on with news and video reviews of Ford Mustangs, Dodge Chargers, etc. This blog offers its audience a chance to contribute to its content by submitting car and car-related videos. 

17. Motor Authority

Blog Link:

Location: El Segundo, California

Twitter: 13.8k followers

Facebook: 2.4m+ fans

Are you looking for an authoritative review of the latest arrivals from the motor world? Motor Authority is an excellent place to start. Here you will find out the new gizmos and tweaks incorporated into the latest showroom arrivals and those creations still in the pipeline. You can entertain yourself with photos from auto events around the world or random car-related videos.

18. AutoAccessories Garage Learning Center

Blog Link:

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Twitter: 1k followers

Facebook: 28k+ fans

This is the auto site you want to visit if you’re looking for a good deal on auto parts. You can order everything from brake disks to suspension parts from AutoAccessories Garage, and they will ship them to you. If you’re looking for accessories like seat covers, car mats, or truck tents, you will also find them here. There is also great information on the importance of some supplements as well as reviews from previous buyers.

19. Barrett-Jackson

Blog Link:

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Twitter: 92.7k followers

Facebook: 417k+ fans

This site touts itself as “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions”. Whether or not this is true, that they have been providing offline and online platforms for classic car auctions since 1971 is indisputable. You can purchase tickets to upcoming auctions or register as an online bidder or bid by phone from the site. You can also get financing or insurance for your classic car from Barret-Jackson.

20. Automotive News

Blog Link:

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Twitter: 214.3k followers

Facebook: 43.6k+ fans

If you want the latest on what’s happening in the automotive world, Automotive News is a great resource to turn to. Be it the latest on the development of EV batteries or the market’s response to the 2021 Hummer, and you will find the information in this blog. You will also find details on how the country’s political goings-on affect the car industry. If you’re a dealer, you can also find tips on how to improve your sales.

21. Automotive Fleet

Blog Link:

Location: Torrance, California

Twitter: 6.8k followers

Facebook: 1.4k+ fans

Organizations looking to acquire or maintain their vehicle fleets will find Automotive Fleet a useful source of information. Every week they post a video review of the state of the fleet industry, capturing salient changes and trends. On this auto blog, you can get handy tips on how to service and maintain your fleet cost effectively, as well as the latest news on anything fleet owners need to know.  

22. Bimmerpost

Blog Link:

Location: New York City, New York

Twitter: 27.8k followers

Facebook: 653k+ fans

Yes, you guessed it, this is a blog about those famous German vehicles. Every new BMW release or any tweak on any of their existing range will be posted here before most other publications get wind of it. There are oodles of forums- actually one for every Bimmer series- where owners can vent about their issues and find solutions. Motorsport enthusiasts can also find out BMW’s latest strides in the racing world.  

23. Celebrity Cars Blog

Blog Link:

Location: Seattle, Washington

Twitter: 19.9k followers

Facebook: 7.4k+ fans

If you’re curious about the latest wheels your favorite actor or musician has copped, you can scour the pages of the Celebrity Cars Blog for details. From P. Diddy’s latest speedster to the moment the Wests joined the Tesla gang, you can get the 411 here. You can also entertain yourself with the opinions of celebrities on the toys their fellow celebs have bought.

24. Driving Life

Blog Link:

Location: California

Facebook: 23 fans

Driving Life offers plenty of useful info to motorists and bikers alike. This automotive blog will provide you with helpful guidelines when buying a car battery or when shopping for woofers that offer good sound quality. There are also car maintenance tips, including steps to follow to ascertain your car’s readiness for a long-distance trip. Bikers will find suggestions on keeping their Harleys clean and how much they can expect fresh paintwork to cost.

25. Good Car Bad Car

Blog Link:

If you’re a number cruncher and are looking for such stats as automotive sales for a particular car brand or model for a given year, Good Car Bad Car is the site for you. It is also a place for future car owners to find out their preferred models’ pros and cons. In their blog, you will find plenty of insightful posts with information ranging from maintenance tips to EVs’ inner workings.

26. JC Whitney

Blog Link:

Twitter: 2.1k followers

Facebook: 36.6k+ fans

Here is a handy tool for car owners who would like to troubleshoot and resolve common mechanical and electrical problems. You will find tips on what to do if your car won’t kick or when you encounter particular trouble codes on our OBD II scanner. The various causes of fluid leaks are another of the topics discussed in this auto blog.

27. Leith Cars

Blog Link:

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Twitter: 366 followers

Facebook: 3.6k fans

Car shoppers and those looking to dispose or trade-in their cars should stop by Besides being a marketplace for buyers and sellers of vehicles, Leith Cars will help you secure funding for your purchase if you need it. They will also assist in finding replacements for faulty parts. You can also schedule service in one of their garages. 

28. My Auto Repair Advice

Blog Link:

This blog promises car owners advice on how to fix their cars from an expert mechanic. It is replete with how-to guides for everything from such basics as changing your oil and replacing your battery to more advanced repairs. You will also find helpful pointers on how to maintain or repair your car cost-effectively. There are also great tips on how to sniff out auto repair scams of different kinds. 

29. Rvezy

Blog Link:

Location: Canada

Twitter: 1.7k followers

Facebook: 56.4k fans

If you’re thinking of getting away to bond with nature on your next vacation, chances are you’ll need an RV for your expedition. RVezy will help you secure a rental RV by asking you for your location, the number of passengers among other criteria. If you have an RV you’re not using and want to make an extra buck, you can list it on the site as well. You can also find rental insurance there.

30. Land Rover

Blog Link:

Location: Mumbai, India

Twitter: 26.4k followers

Facebook: 16m fans

The official Land Rover website is a right place for the brand’s aficionados to find information on their favorite model or discover new releases. If you’re not satisfied with the summarized info on the site, you can download brochures and spec sheets for your chosen Land Rover model. You can then find a nearby dealer if you like what you read and would like to place your order. 

31. Autobody News

Blog Link:

Location: Carlsbad, California

Twitter: 3k followers

Facebook: 19k+ fans

This place is the home of all the latest developments in the automotive world in particular. Here you will find details on the newest auto buyer trends as well as the low-down on the government’s plan to stimulate an economy upended by the coronavirus. You will also find some humorous pieces with an automotive slant. 

32. Fast Car

Blog Link:

Location: Cudham, Kent, UK

Twitter: 16.2k followers

Facebook: 4.8m fans

Fast Car lives up to its name quite literally and has been doing so for three decades. It is a feast for car lovers, especially those who love fast cars. It’s where you’ll read about the several transformations an RS2000 from the 80s has undergone to maintain its racing pedigree. Or about the weird cross between a Porsche and VW Beetle, one fan of the German sports car created by chance.

33. Go Mechanic

Blog Link:

Location: Mumbai, India

Twitter: 205 followers

Facebook: 205 fans

This automotive blog allows car owners in any of India’s major cities to find a garage near them if they need assistance. They will even organize for your vehicle to be picked up right from your doorstep. But before you call in the experts, you can leaf through the Go Mechanic blog posts to see if you can help yourself with the useful tips there.

34. Eastwood

Blog Link:

Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Twitter: 7.6k followers

Facebook: 646k fans

Eastwood offers a great collection of articles DIYers will find very helpful. You will find information on how best to prep your car before spraying it, why you need a welding helmet, etc. It is a resource both individual car owners and mechanics can benefit from. Note that Eastwood is a store and the purpose of many of their articles is to promote their products.

35. Green Car Guide

Blog Link:

Location: Cheshire, UK

Twitter: 3k followers

If you love your cars but are also wary about their impact on the planet, Green Car Guide is a blog you’ll want to bookmark. You will get tips on the electric car that suits you alongside reviews of popular green cars in the market today. You will also get news of the latest developments in the green automotive space. In the blog section, you will get tips on how to maintain a green car among other pertinent green motoring topics.

36. Auto Expert

Blog Link:

Location: Sydney, Australia

Twitter: 2.2k followers

Facebook: 3.9k followers

This Australian blog is a good place to start if you’re looking for your first car or want to upgrade what you have. As you browse through the buyer guides and honest reviews of the different makes of SUVs, saloons and hatchbacks, you will get a clear idea of what will work best for you. If you don’t have the patience to read through paragraphs of technical jargon, you can resort to video reviews.

37. Car Store

Blog Link:

Location: UK

Twitter: 143 followers

Facebook: 2.9k fans

As the name suggests, this is a place to come when you’ve made up your mind that you want to buy a car. You can select your desired car make and model as well as choose a monthly payment plan. If you wish to sell your car or get repairs done, they can help you with that too. The store is also home to a blog where potential buyers can get tips on the ideal car to buy and how to take care of it afterward.

38. Car Advise

Blog Link:

Facebook: 525 fans

Car Advise is a great tool for the car owner who wants to find well-priced care for their car without going through the process of trial-and-error with several garages. Besides helping you locate trustworthy repair shops, Car Advise offers readers plenty of good-to-know tips in the form of a series of blog posts.

39. Global Cars Brands

Blog Link:

Location: Texas

Twitter: 26 followers

Facebook: 653 fans

Everything you need to know about the world’s popular car brands- from their history to their most recent technological developments- is in this auto blog. There is information on classic cars, green cars, and even the soon-coming driverless cars. You will also find tips on how to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition while preventing some common problems.

40. Car Pro USA

Blog Link:

Location: Dallas, Texas

Twitter: 1.9k followers

Facebook: 19k fans

 This is a reliable source of car reviews. Future car owners will want to hear this auto blog’s thoughts on the latest Subaru SUV or the newest Toyota hatchback or whichever kind of car you’re interested in. Reviews are pretty comprehensive, critiquing everything from a car’s powertrain to its interior to the safety features it comes with. Once you’ve found a car you feel confident in is of great value, you can use their search tool to find a dealer near you. 

41. Car Care Hunt

Blog Link:

There is a wealth of information in this automotive blog that will benefit every car owner from the novice to those with several years of driving experience. You will find practical tips to improve both your car’s performance and aesthetics. If you’re wondering which engine oil or interior cleaner is best for your car make, they have the answers for you.

42. Auto Blog

Blog Link:

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Facebook: 12.8k fans

Are you looking for a blog to entertain and inform yourself with video reviews of the latest town cars and off-roaders? Auto Blog will provide you with these along with lengthy articles detailing their specs and a couple of professional images. You can also regale yourself by digging into thought-provoking articles. If you would like to watch clips of road accidents, they have those as well.

43. Car Tire Plus

Blog Link:

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Twitter: 3.5k followers

Facebook: 184.4k fans

This blog is the A to Z of vehicle maintenance, the ultimate companion for any car owner looking to reduce their trips to the garage. It is where novices can learn the importance of brake fluid and when they need to change it. You will also learn how often you should take your car for wheel alignment. The beauty is that information is broken down into easy-to-digest steps, not shrouded in jargon.

44. Denlors Tools Automotive

Blog Link:

Location: Bradenton, Florida

The primary objective of this site is to sell repair kits to car owners. They stock everything from power tools to paint and bodywork tools. If you need tools to fix your transmission or car air-con, they’ve got you covered. And to make a good case for you to buy, they have a car tool blog.

45. HollenShade’s Auto Service

Blog Link:

Location: Towson, Maryland

Facebook: 703 fans

This site is the online representation of a brick-and-mortar car maintenance and repair shop in Towson, Maryland. They have a blog that offers car owners guidance to get the best out of their time in auto service shops. Topics include tips on choosing the right mechanic for your car, preparing your car for fall. 

46. MPGOMatic 

 Blog Link:

If you are looking for a source of helpful pointers when shopping for new cars or trying to get the best out of your jalopy, MPGOMatic is a wonderful option. Here you will find oodles of articles touching on everything from the SUVs that offer the best consumption to fuel-efficient cars that are fun to drive. There are also video reviews of hot new releases from leading global carmakers.

47. Proctor Cars

Blog Link:

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Facebook: 75k fans

This brilliant resource replete with information that the everyday car driver will find helpful. If you want to know the telltale signs of a malfunctioning fuel pump, there’s an article on that. If you want to know what you can do after your car has been impounded, you can find out from Proctor Cars. If you’re not yet a car owner, but are close to being one, the reviews here will help you narrow down your options.

48. The Mechanic Doctor

Blog Link:

Location: Montreal, Canada

Whereas most of the above automotive blogs are aimed at everyday car users, this one is aimed at the car doctor. Car owners who fancy themselves adept at DIY repairs will also hurry to embrace this online resource. Among the topics it covers are steps to fix radiator leaks and must-have tools mechanics should have in their toolkits. 

49. Tred

Blog Link:

Location: Seattle, Washington

Twitter: 1k followers

Facebook: 9.5k fans

This is an online marketplace for auto buyers and sellers. You can find your desired car, arrange a test-drive and pay for it through Tred. If you’re looking to find a buyer, you can log onto Tred to find out what it’s worth and engage with potential clients. The platform also offers sellers tips on how to find buyers in different localities. You can get more information on the Tred CEO’s blog.

50. Automotive Service Excellence

Blog Link:

Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Twitter: 5.4k followers

Facebook: 34.7k fans

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) ensures car owners get repair and maintenance that is real value for money. They certify technicians and car repair businesses to assure their customers that their car will be handled to certain standards. The ASE blog has information such business owners can use to ensure customer satisfaction and essential tips for car owners.

51. Elite Auto Repair

Blog Link:

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Facebook: 543 fans

You can log onto the Elite Auto Repair website if you’re looking for service for your car as well as financing for your auto repair works. Or you could head straight to their blog for some pointers to help you do your troubleshooting yourself. The posts there can help you pinpoint charging system issues or the reason why your a/c system is malfunctioning. 

52. Learn Auto Body & Paint

Blog Link:

Facebook: 9.4k fans

The DIYer will appreciate Learn Auto Body & Paint’s efforts to empower them to do their own car’s paintwork. They offer paid courses for both DIY enthusiasts and folks looking to become professional spray painters. In the blog, you will find quite a bit of the information students pay to have access to. You will learn how to prep a car before painting and the best paint gun to use among other tips. 

53. Blue Toro

Blog Link:

Facebook: 5k+ fans

Blue Toro is a mobile car and truck repair company that endeavors to provide vehicle owners with repair assistance whenever they need it, wherever they need it. Their website has a blog that gives car owners tips on avoiding paying for repair works through the nose. But be warned that a number of the posts, useful as they are, are about Blue Toro’s latest developments.

Final Thoughts

Wherever you are in your automotive journey, you’re sure to find a blog that speaks to your needs. If you’re a newbie who needs the basics of car maintenance broken down gently without mind-numbing technical lingo, blogs like Car Tire Plus are the best place to start. If you’re a bit long in the tooth, sites like Elite Auto Repair will be of more help to you.

Another point to bear in mind as you explore these auto blogs is the fact that not all the information you’ll get there is objective. There are many who publish information that may be helpful, but is primarily geared at boosting sales of their products. 

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