10 Best Vacuum Pumps Review and Comparison 2019

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Are you looking for a vacuum pump for your car? Then, you are on the right page. In this article, I will review the 10 best vacuum pumps on the market 2018.

I’ve researched and picked out the best for you right here:

  1. XtremepowerUS 4CFM Air Vacuum Pump
  2. TEZ8 Two Stage Vacuum Pump 
  3. Kozyvacu 8 CFM Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are beneficial in maintaining the right levels of pressure in many appliances. A vacuum pump can be used for home needs as well as industrial purposes.

Whether you need a vacuum pump for your fridge or air conditioner, they play an important role in aiding these appliances to operate effectively.

Majority of people believe vacuum pumps are made for engineering procedures only, however, there are vacuum pumps that are versatile and easy to use.

Before purchasing a vacuum pump, you are required to consider some factors like pump capacity, noise levels, motor power, oil monitoring, and weight.

Best Vacuum Pumps Review 2018:

1. Kozyvacu 5CFM 2-Stage Rotary + Vane Vacuum Pump

Stage vane pump has a high torque design that is easy to start up and very efficient to operate. Its housing is a die-cast aluminum housing. The vacuum pump is high efficiency and low on noise

It is cast with aluminum housings to make the pups feel lightweight. Maintenance free and startup. The vacuum is thermally protected motor making it durable for longer periods of duty.

The oil drain valve is well positioned beneath the oil reservoir and perfectly angled for complete and more draining.

The oil filling port makes adding of the oil a simple task as the port is accessible on the side and the front.

The on and off switch with non-slipping cushion handle. It is foam molded well for safe transportation.

The Kozyvacu vacuum is the best vacuum pump for DIYers
Stage vane pump has a high torque design that is easy to start up and very efficient to operate.
Credit: Amazon.com

While normal ac require 500 microns for ultimate vacuum, the Kozyvacu TA-500 delivers a better job than 40 microns to ensure that you are able to reach your requirements.

One of the advantages of filling is that you don’t risk spilling oil when full as the sight glass at the pump from the side shows you when enough oil has been added.

Overall, the Kozyvacu stage rotary pump is a powerful vacuum with an oil capacity of 380 ml, therefore it will deliver well for a long period. The aluminum cast makes it easy to carry around.


  • Best vacuum pump for DIYers
  • Delivers too much power
  • High quality and very quiet


  • At times it does not reach maximum power.

Who is it for?

The Kozyvacu vacuum pump is ideal for the professional audience. It delivers high evacuation speed and it is perfectly fit for DIY projects as an HVAC/ AUTO and AC repairing recharging projects.

It is suitable for degassing epoxy or wine and milking cows in large farms.

2. XtremepowerUS 4CFM Air and Vacuum Pump

The XtremepowerUS 4CFM air vacuum pump is a 4 CFM 1/3 hp stage rotary. It delivers high efficiency and it is low in noise having an internal highest cooling fan.

The XtremepowerUS 4CFM also maintains air conditioning systems by getting rid of the contaminants from the systems before charging with refrigerant. It pumps at a low pressure removing deep ultimate vacuum.

Easy to carry around due to the aluminum alloy casing that makes it lightweight.

The cooling fan allows the vacuum pump deliver for a long time. The cooling effect makes the vacuum not to heat up and therefore there is no buildup of hot air.

XtremepowerUS 4CFM is easy to use and an excellent purchase.
The XtremepowerUS 4CFM features a simple Oil Fill Port for a clean pour.
Credit: Amazon.com

The oil drainage is positioned beneath the oil reservoir. The required voltage for the vacuum to operate well is 110V 50 HZ.

The red gauge is 2-1/2 inches in diameter, blue gauge the low one is 2-1/1 inch diameter. It includes 3 color-coded 5 feet R 134a hosepipe. Additionally, the oil fill line allows you to know when you have refilled enough.


  • Easy to use and an excellent purchase.
  • Sturdy gauges.
  • Works great and worth the money


  • Adapters fit poorly
  • The gauges are cheaply made

Who is it for?

Ideal for vacuum sealing like jars that preserve food, hot forming plastics, stabilizing wood, chemistry in labs and degasification.

3. Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Complete Tool Kit

When you are looking all over for the best vacuum pump with no success for your refrigeration recharging, the Kozyvacu automatic ac repair is the best choice to purchase.

The Kozyvacu is a complete toolkit that comes with all the necessary tool to fix tour appliances.

The full set of refrigerant recharging includes pressure gauge sets, ¼ pressure scales, 3 hose pipes with the length of 4 feet, yellow is ¼, red ¼ and blue ¼.

The pump is thermally protected to make it last and perform well for a long period of time. The vacuum pump is built of aluminum die-cast housing that makes thus pump durable and lightweight.

Quite easy to maintain and easy to start as it picks power at a high rate. It delivers better than 150 micron which ensures that you reach the maximum vacuum level.

It is made for repairing auto ac just by yourself as it includes all the necessary tools to make the job easy.

Kozyvacu is the best vacuum pump in the market to serve the refrigeration needs.
The Kozyvacu is a complete toolkit that comes with all the necessary tool to fix tour appliances.
Credit: Amazon.com

The Kozyvacu manual has well-written instructions on how the vacuum system operates. It also describes how to recharge with the available components. It is made easy to understand even if you are a beginner.

Just like most of the vacuum pumps the oil drain is strategically positioned beneath the oil reservoir and well angled to drain the oil completely and faster. The oil reservoir holds 280 ml.

The oil refill port is accessible from the front and the side and a free pump oil are also included. The can tap fits R134a can and fits the ¼ hose. The solid brass is made to last long and it’s made of high quality.


  • Great pump for the price.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Easy to use and works well.


  • Risks overheating

Who is it for?

Kozyvacu auto repair vacuum pump is made for refrigeration recharging. Ideally, it is the best vacuum pump in the market to serve the refrigeration needs.

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4. ZENY 3,5CFM Singles-Stage 5 and Pa Rotary Vane Economy Vacuum Pumps

Want a vacuum pump that is highly effective and low in noise. Then the Zeny rotary vane is the one to consider. It is easy to carry around and made of aluminum casings for durability and portability.

The inlet port is ¼ flare and has a 1.2 meters length hose pipe in red, yellow and blue colors. It has non-slipping cushion handles for good hand grasping when you are moving the appliance.

The advantage of this vacuum pump is the fan that cools the appliance for high level and longer period performance.

Its delivery is high and very efficient with low noise and aluminum heavy duty alloy casings which males the vacuum lightweight. The oil drain plug is positioned at the bottom of the oil reservoir for easy and faster oil drainage.

Additionally, the exhaust cap and exhaust port direct the driver motor which aids in starting the vacuum pump easily and it is maintenance free.

A great advantage of the oil sight glass allowing you to monitor oil level and features an on and off switch. The oil capacity is 320 ml.


  • Excellent product with great power.
  • Super quiet and easy to use.
  • Holds steady vacuum.


  • Noticeable oil leakage.

Who is it for?

The Zeny vacuum pump is built for multipurpose usage. It is used to de-gas. Red or white wine. Used also for degassing the acrylic resins.

5. Kozyvacu 8CFM Two-Stage Rotary Vane Professionals Vacuum Pumps

The Kozyvacu is a high-efficiency vacuum pump for refrigerant recovery. It is a low noise appliance ideal for auto ac repairs. It works well when degassing wine and comes with a thermally protected motor.

While most of the AC systems require a 500-micron ultimate volume, this pump delivers well than 15 microns to ensure you meet the required levels.

It is highly tested to meet the Kozyvacu standards of high performance. Its capacity and power meet a wide range of applications by delivering high CFM rate for super-fast thorough evacuation.

The high torque design allows it to have a super-fast effective startup and makes the vacuum to operate well. The die aluminum casing makes the pump durable and lightweight.

It is maintenance free and easy to operate. The thermal protection makes it durable for longer periods of duty.

The sight glass at the front t side of the pump shows you when enough oil has been added to the pump and avoid spillage. Oil capacity is 500 ml.

The Kozyvacu is a high-efficiency vacuum pump for refrigerant recovery.
Kozyvacu is maintenance free and easy to operate.
Credit: Amazon.com

Kozyvacu 8 CFM is thermally protected. The oil valve is beneath the oil reservoir, angled perfectly for complete and faster oil draining. The oil fill port is accessible on either side the front and the sideways.

A great advantage is the built-in checking valve that prevents accidental shutdowns. The packaging os foam molded for safe transportation.


  • Very easy and quick to use appliance.
  • Great purchase and worth the money.
  • No noise
  • Cuts vacuuming by half. A great appliance.


  • Overheats after some time of using it.

Who is it for?

Ideal for professional users who vacuum large chambers over 3 gallons of vacuum chamber, used for large HVAC systems. It is a continuously high duty appliance that enables you to milk without any shutdowns.

6. Yellow Jackets 93580 Superevacs Vacuum Pump

Looking for a vacuum pump that will reach your expectations is quite a task. But with yellow Jacket vacuum pump, you are sure of high vacuum rate and durability. This a new entry in the market.

With an 8 CFM Superevac pump, you are sure of efficient power. The voltage power is 115VAC and 60 HZ. It comes with ns isolation valves for the oil change without losing the vacuum in appliances.

The built-in indicator gauge is an added advantage to the vacuum pump. The oil reservoirs port is wide for easier filling of clean oil.

It also doubles as an exhaust pump threaded and attached to the garden hose for remote exhausting.

The sight glass is a great feature in all vacuum pump. This helps to see where the oil has reached and avoided spillage when refilling. The large brass allows oil drainage and positioned beneath the reservoir for faster and complete oil drainage.

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The ballast gas valve keeps the oil clean for longer during evacuations when working on wet systems. The internal valve for checks prevents the oil from coming back into the system during a power failure.

For stability, the creators covered the metal in rubber for base stability. They also tethered the ports so that they stay with the pump. The manufacturer also made the motors strong and with heavy duty purpose. Steel handle is well balanced for easy carrying the vacuum pump and easy lifting.

The appliance is made in the USA.


  • Comes filled with oil
  • Fast shipping and works great


  • Requires to keep on changing oil.

Who is it for?

It is built for large chambers vacuuming considering high duty motors that vacuum for a longer period. Built for HVAC kind of a company

7. Yellow Jacket 93560 6Cfm Vac Pump 115V Superevac

The Yellow Jacket vacuum pump has an isolation valve that allows you to change oil without breaking the vacuum. It also has an attachment to garden hose allowing you to use the vacuum outdoors. Low on noise and high in efficiency.

Features a built-in indicator gauge that lets you know when you have filled enough oil. The oil reservoir port is wide open for easy filling of the oil.

This super Evac pump is a 2 stages rotary pump vane that is highly efficient. The oil-sealed pump fields at more than 15 microns. The lower the micron the better the functioning of the pump.

The oil reservoir port doubles as a threaded pump exhaust and attaches to a garden hose for remote location and exhaust.

Male flare intake is ¼ and 3/8 inches. The oil capacity is 38oz. Comes with a sight glass to allow one to see the level of the oil when filling and avoid spilling. The large brass drain oil in an easy and faster way.

Tethered ports port cap stays with the pump and bears heavy duty rotor and bearings. The handle is heavy duty steel with a lift hook for easy carrying and balancing.

Yellow Jacket 93560 is an highly recommended pump for its amazing quality
This super Evac pump is well-built and sturdy.
Credit: Amazon.com

The oils stay cleaner thanks to the gas ballast valve that keeps the oil clean for long when evacuating wet systems. The metal casing is covered in rubber overlay for base stability

A great advantage of this pump is the internal intake valve that checks that no oil comes back to the system in case of a power failure.

The vacuum pump is made in The United States.


  • Highly recommended for its amazing quality
  • Great pump quiet and strong.
  • Draws deep vacuum and works well
  • A great little machine that is powerful.
  • Well-built and sturdy.


  • Overheats quickly.
  • Notable oil spillage.

Who is it for?

With free air displacement of 6.0 CFM so you can bet this is a powerful vacuum pump for small industry and home activities. Good for HVAC.

8. JB Industries DV-285N Platinum 10 CFM Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump that tops all the other pumps is the JB industries vacuum pump for its unique features like a gas ballast. It is designed to cater for all your air conditioning and refrigeration.

It is backed by an n unfrequented over the counter warranty for 2 years making this the best pump in the market.

Features a 10 CFM vacuum pump.

Each pump is made factories based in Illinois and Aurora, dependability and quality are highly woven in the American pride. Featuring a blank of valve and a gas ballast.

The voltage is 115 60HZ and the standard US voltage is a 100-volt plug. It has a 26-ounce oil capacity and gas ballast that increases and keep the oil clean.

The check valves prevent oil flowing back to the vacuum in case of power failure and a 2 stage direct drive to achieve a 15 vacuum micron.

It has a low profile rocker switch a lifting ring for hoisting and a tethered safety cap which prevent the oil from spilling when transporting.

Lastly, the manufacturer designed it to last long and field repairable. Durability is key in all JB Industries pumps. The appliance is made in the United States and passed through a rigorous test for quality performance. It is one of the top pumps in terms of performance and durability.


  • Durable and works well.
  • Great product for vacuuming refrigerators.
  • Tethered cap which prevents oil spillage


  • Spill oil at times.
  • Overheats after some time of using.

Who is it for?

The JB Industries vacuum pump is made for a refrigeration technician for your refrigerators vacuuming and air conditioning.

9. Fischer LAV-3 Laboratory High Vacuum Pump

The Fischer Laboratory vacuum pump operates quietly and efficiently. Furthermore, the pumps are available in 220 voltage. The Fischer vacuum pump provides good performance/ cost ratio.

The motor serves a hose power featuring 1725 rpm. Available in 3cfm , 10 cfm, 7 cfm and 5 cfm cubic feet/minute.

Free air displacement is 85 litres/minute that is 3 cubic per minute. Operating temperatures are 30 degrees to 170 degrees. In addition, it has an electric, metal power source.

Finally, the valve check ensures the oil is not sucked into the vacuum pump if there is a power failure. It also comes with a complete supply of initial high vacuum oil.


  • Small and lightweight.
  • Very powerful vacuum pump.


  • Loader than other expensive pumps.

Who is it for?

Ideal for use by bell jars, vacuum ovens, desiccators and other appliances. This pump achieves an ultimate vacuum of 25 microns in lab conditions.

10. Appion TEZ8 Two Stage Vacuum Pump

Expensive in price but the most powerful vacuum pump.

The Appion TEZ8 is a vacuum that can outperform vacuum pumps twice its size. It is the only vacuum pump in the market that offers 5 seconds oil change.

Field-proven to work for more hours and even days without breaking vacuum with the help of belt driven pumps.

When you purchase this vacuum pump, you have a clear choice for efficient, low noise and advanced technology.

The pump brings to life latest innovation of the vacuum pumps combined with advanced technology to the vacuum pumps world.

Appion TEZ8 has a variety of extremely user-friendly features.
It features a debris catching tube that automatically releases positive pressure and protects the pump from accidental oil shower.
Credit: Amazon.com

A great advantage is that the creators designed it from the ground up checking on reliability, and performance with easy and user-friendly features that allow you save money.

The Appion TEZ8 delivers visible results with the cartilage allowing easy monitoring of the oil condition and removes dirt and moisture from the pump.

It features a debris catching tube that automatically releases positive pressure and protects the pump from accidental oil shower. The 2 stage exhaust systems remove moisture without breaking the vacuum.

The 3/8 and dual inputs allow maximum input flow of up to 32 times of the single input pumps. It has an 8CFM free air displacements.

A great advantage is the dry and clean tezom oil that is hydrophobic and repels moisture and dirt for perfect oil performance.

The creators of Apprion vacuum pump constructed it from all metal, making it durable, lightweight, and a field’s duty resin case composite.

With an anti-sucking back function to ensure the oil does not retract back to the valves and a wide and a low stance which prevents accidental tipping with an easy cleaning debris filters screen.


  • Extremely user-friendly features.
  • Compact small vacuum that delivers 100%
  • Works quietly and very fast.
  • Well designed and compact.
  • The residue catcher works well.


  • Expensive to purchase.

Who is it for?

The manufacturer designed Apprion Tez 8 from the ground so that it can deliver high evacuation speeds in lightweight and small units. Hence it can outsmart other vacuum pumps that are twice its size.

Best Vacuum Pumps Comparison Table

XtremepowerUS 4CFM
XtremepowerUS 4CFM
Appion TEZ8
Appion TEZ8
Kozyvacu 8CFM
Kozyvacu 8CFM
Customer Rating
4.34.3 / 5
55 / 5
3.63.6 / 5
PriceXtremepowerUS 4CFM priceAppion TEZ8 priceKozyvacu 8CFM price
Weight10 pounds16.0 pounds28.4 pounds
Dimensions16 x 14.6 x 12.7 inches18 x 11 x 12 inches14.8 x 5.6 x 9.9 inches
Voltage110V 60Hz 1/3hp Motor115 VAC, 60
Hz, 10 Amps
Noise levelLowLowLow
Ultimate vacuum10. -6 microns20 Microns0.3PA/2.5microns
Bottom LineIt is suitable for jars that preserve food, hot forming plastics, stabilizing wood, chemistry in labs and degasification.It is highly recommended because it can outperform vacuum pumps twice its size.It is ideal for professional users who vacuum large chambers over 3 gallons of vacuum chamber

My personal choice

Editor’s choice is the Appion TEZ8 Two Stage Vacuum Pump for its small size and fast oil change rate of 5 seconds.

The noise is also very low and it is small in size and capable of performing tasks which other pumps twice the size cannot tackle. It makes a great purchase choice and one of the best vacuum pumps of 2018.

Facts to be aware of:

  1. Most vacuum facts are extremely durable. However, over time they require servicing and repair.
  2. Vacuum maintain correct pressure levels in any system.
  3. There are various sizes and types of vacuum pump on the market. Therefore, before purchasing one carry an extensive research on the kind of pump you require.

In this guide, we have looked at 10 best vacuum pumps review 2018, with a hope that the article is helpful and insightful of the vacuum pumps in the market today. So, knowing what to look out for will help you narrow your choices.

Vacuum pumps operate with all most the same basic principles, but the ones for industrial use come with more complex applications. So without them, many industries would be unable to meet their standards and requirements to operate.

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