What Does an RV Inverter Do?

More and more Americans are discovering the joys of owning a recreational vehicle or RV. These pimped up rides offer many of the conveniences of a modern home. The difference is that families get to bring their “home” wherever they want to be. There is no need to rent accommodation. You also get to provide a homier experience for the rest of your family on the road.

Now, the only way you can enjoy the luxuries of a modern home on wheels is if you have a system that allows you to use ordinary household appliances right in your motorhome. Therefore, RVs and similar vehicles require a device to power up the different appliances and gadgets that normally run on AC electricity.

They will also need a device that will convert AC electricity into DC power to charge the RV’s deep cycle batteries. You can get two different devices that perform two different tasks or you can get the best RV inverter charger to do both tasks.

What an RV Inverter Does

An RV inverter is a special device that has the capability to transform direct current into appliance-friendly power. It is a very important component of a typical solar system for recreational vehicles, as well as for off-the-grid applications. It does the following basic functions.

Allows You to Use Your Appliances on the Go

Inverters allow RV and motorhome owners to operate different appliances that run on AC power. You can turn on your TV and enjoy a great film with your family while having a barbecue at the campgrounds.

RV inverter
RV inverters are really versatile

It is also possible to use your microwave to heat or warm dishes in a flash. You can even power up your personal computer, printer, and other computer peripherals, allowing you to turn your motorhome into a fully functioning mobile office.

You can operate almost any other household appliance that you may have in your RV if you have an inverter. An RV inverter allows you to travel and unwind with the kind of entertainment that you deserve.

Facilitates Connection to Energy-efficient Shore Power

There are RV inverters that are also capable of converting AC energy into DC power. This is one great way to charge the deep cycle batteries of your motorhome. Most motor parks have electrical outlets that you can plug a cable into.

The inverter charger draws conventional AC electric current from the outlet and moves this to the batteries. When you are ready to leave the park for your next adventure, you can then turn on the inverter function to draw the DC power stored in the batteries back into 110-120-volt energy to run your appliances.

Keeps Mobile Devices Charged

Some RV inverters come with additional electrical outlets and USB ports. You can plug your laptop directly into these integrated outlets and have the laptop battery fully charged for your next mobile activity. There are also inverters that come with USB ports. You can charge your smartphones, portable media players, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. Charging your GPS unit can also come in handy when you suddenly find yourself lost in the wilderness.

Having an inverter in your RV will enhance your mobile lifestyle. You get to keep the integrity of your gadgets by having them charged at the recommended levels.

Inverter or Converter?

One should never confuse an inverter for a converter. They may both look the same and may have a similar function. However, a converter transforms AC power into DC power. This is the reverse of an inverter.

A converter is also crucial to an RV’s power system. It allows the vehicle’s power system to put energy into the deep cycle batteries. The batteries give you the ability to power up the different appliances in your RV when you need to operate these gadgets.

The good news is that there are RV inverters that are also capable of transforming AC to DC energy. These are the RV inverter chargers. That is why it is always a good idea to be selective in choosing an inverter for your motorhome. You will get the best of both inverter and converter worlds if you pick an inverter charger.

A Look at How an RV Inverter Works

We mentioned that an RV inverter is a critical component of a solar system that is the most common renewable energy system for recreational vehicles. Energy generation starts with solar panels. The energy then goes to the charge controller before the energy gets stored in the battery banks. The RV inverter connects the battery banks to the rest of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that most battery banks have a 12-volt capacity. There are appliances that only work on 110 to 120 volts of power. The inverter transforms the 12-volt battery power to 120-volt electricity that can run many modern appliances, like TVs, microwaves, air conditioning units, heaters, and many more.

Inverters come in different capacities. You should always pick one that is more than sufficient for your needs. For example, if you want to run a 1,200-watt microwave, then you should pick a 1,500-watt capacity inverter. If you are going to add to this an appliance that uses 400-watts, then your inverter’s capacity may not be sufficient.

There are three fundamental things that an RV inverter does. It lets you operate your AC appliances when you are on the road. It also allows you to charge your deep cycle battery when you are at the motor park. And, an RV inverter keeps your mobile devices in tiptop shape.

If your RV doesn’t have an inverter yet, now is a great time to get one. Always pick a good-quality RV inverter charger for the best performance.

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